AMC blog with many topics on all things cooking
AMC blog with many topics on all things cooking

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Welcome to the AMC Blog! Here you will find exciting articles on topics such as cooking, food trends, health and lifestyle. Learn more about AMC and use our helpful tips & tricks. Also discover new delicious AMC recipes!
Plant-based diets are trending — will our appetite for meat change?

We venture a look into the future: Will we still eat meat in the future? Will supermarkets only carry “plant-based food” instead of meat products soon? In our latest blog post, we dive into the topic of how meat consumption and the significance of meatless alternatives have developed. You’ll also learn which delicious recipes you can make completely without meat!

Love is in the air…hearty recipe inspirations for the perfect Valentine's Day

They say that love goes through the stomach – and sweet delicacies are especially popular on the day of love. In our latest blog post, we share with you several irresistible recipes with which you can surprise your sweetheart on Valentine's Day. Dessert ideas that come from the heart!

Happy January! Wonderfully warming, tasty winter dishes for a good culinary start to the new year

Simple, healthy, hearty, veggie, and much more – there are a wealth of winter recipes perfect for cold days that you can prepare yourself at home, quickly and easily. In this latest blog post, we share with you some delicious inspiration for winter dishes that are sure to warm your body, heart, and soul!

Save up to >70% energy and 100% of taste: Sustainable cooking with AMC

The winter is coming, and the energy crisis is all over the news – but with AMC resource-conscious technology you can be sure to keep on following the energy-friendly lifestyles. Good for the nature, fit for the smarter, more responsible resource usage, and even advantageous for your wallet. Read our full article to find out how we make it possible!

Seeing orange all around us! Delicious pumpkin recipes for fall highlights in the kitchen

Fall season is pumpkin season! No kitchen is complete without pumpkin in the fall – but what’s so special about it? We’ll tell you! And find out about the recipes you can use to create tasty pumpkin dishes. Get inspired with our recipe ideas!

A simple and clever approach to avoiding food waste

Love food, hate food waste: In our latest article, we’ll reveal why you should be more concerned about food waste in your everyday life and reveal practical tips on how to sustainably combat it. You’ll be amazed at the delicious dishes that can be created from leftovers. Discover our recipe ideas now!

Let’s go outside: Picnic recipes for a perfect outdoor meal

Summer, sunshine, everyone’s in a good mood – it’s the picnicking time of year again! In our newest article, you’ll learn all sorts of tips for preparing a perfect picnic, alongside recipes that are suitable for eating outside sitting on the grass. We hope our recipe ideas inspire your next picnic!