AMC blog with many topics on all things cooking
AMC blog with many topics on all things cooking

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Welcome to the AMC Blog! Here you will find exciting articles on topics such as cooking, food trends, health and lifestyle. Learn more about AMC and use our helpful tips & tricks. Also discover new delicious AMC recipes!
Small treats, big pleasure. How to snack healthily

No-shame snacking? Yep, there is such a thing! In our newest blog post we let you in on the secret of why you should give your body those little treats between meals. Which healthy snacks will get you best through the day? Read on to find out. And why not let our delicious recipe ideas inspire you to snack healthily?

Green Christmas - ideas for a more sustainable Christmas

The festival of love is approaching. At this time of year, we are accompanied by time-consuming errands for Christmas decorations and presents. Find out how you can make your Christmas more environmentally conscious in our latest blog post. You can also discover delicious ideas for your festive Christmas dinner!

Vegetables rich in vitamins for the whole winter

Colorful food for healthy living! Learn in our new blog article about how you can get fit for winter with the right nutrition. Which types of vegetable have the most vitamins? Be inspired by our delicious recipe ideas rich in vegetables for delicious dinners!

Happy Halloween! Easy Halloween recipes with that spookiness factor

“Trick or treat”? It’s that time of year again – Halloween will once again be celebrated on October 31. Read our latest blog post to learn about the origins of Halloween and find out where the pumpkin carving tradition came from. We’ll also show you some scarily tasty yet easy Halloween recipes to help you prepare the perfect food for this festival of fear. Boo!

Autumn pleasures: from outdoor activities to moments of culinary delight on the go

Autumn offers many golden moments. Discover exciting activities that you can experience in this special season alone, as a couple, with friends or with the whole family. In our latest blog post, we tell you how you can take care of you personally on the road. Let yourself be inspired by our autumnal recipe ideas!

Good morning! A good breakfast for the perfect start to the day

What could be better than starting the day with a delicious breakfast? It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In our latest blog post, we reveal why a rich and balanced morning meal belongs in your daily routine.

License to grill – an authentic BBQ feeling all year round

Grill & chill: Summer is the perfect time for enjoying culinary highlights from the barbecue with family and friends. Find out in our latest blog how you can create delicious, perfectly grilled BBQ recipes even if you haven’t got a barbecue of your own. These recipes will make the heart of any BBQ lover beat faster.