The new oPan large 28 cm!

Perfect for trendy breakfast and brunch recipes

The oPan is well known as the perfect pan for quick dishes like pancakes, crêpes, toasties, flat breads, egg dishes and many more. We are proud to introduce the new oPan large 28 cm.

The oPan large 28 cm offers the same unique and elegant look and special o-patterned surface as the oPan 24 cm. The only differences are: a bigger roasting surface and a larger rim.

These enlargements allow the cook to prepare larger amounts of food at once – while still benefitting from all the advantages of the oPan.

For additional information about the new oPan large, recipes and tips, please click here or book a cooking party.

Scampi in tomato-wine sauce

Scampi in tomato-wine sauce

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Tasty prospects of success.

Tender and juicy meat, crispy and delicious vegetables or a sweet piece of cake: to have a plate full of lip-smacking delight, careful preparation is essential. This is where you come in.