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Product Overview

Our Premium Cooking System consists of various AMC products that you can reach for throughout the entire cooking process. In our product overview you will find a wide selection of high-quality pots, pans and cooking accessories of varying sizes, volumes and textures. Whether for single households, large families, amateur cooks or gourmet chefs: Our various products always offer the right solution for every cooking requirement.


Use our product overview to discover all the AMC products for smart, fast and easy cooking and learn how use them to prepare even healthier and tastier dishes!


The Visiotherm is a temperature display located on the lid of the pot or pan. The Visiotherm makes the temperature inside the pot or pan visible – and cooking with AMC as easy as can be. Controlling the temperature is your guarantee that the food is carefully prepared and yields a healthy and tasty result.


The Audiotherm acoustic control attaches to the Visiotherm and will call you whenever something needs to be done. Together with the mobile cooking plate Navigenio, the Audiotherm can even automatically regulate the required energy supply. The Audiotherm display immediately tells you:

  • which temperature range you have selected
  • when the cooking process is to be started (immediately or with start delay)
  • whether the temperature is too high or too low
  • whether the cooking time is over or how much longer it will last

Whenever there is something that requires your attention, the Audiotherm will emit an acoustic signal so that you never miss an important moment. What’s more, if you use the mobile cooking plate Navigenio in combination with the Audiotherm, the energy supply is automatically regulated. Instead of having the Audiotherm call you to regulate the temperature, you’ll have more time to devote to other activities. When the cooking process is finished, the keep-warm function begins.


AMC pots combine timeless design with the most modern functionality. All of our pots have AMC temperature control. This way, you’ll be sure to always bring perfectly prepared and delicious meals to the table.


All our pots are suitable for all types of hobs, including induction.


The AMC pan collection includes roasting, grill, and brunch pans. All roasting and grill pans have AMC temperature control for perfect roasting—and even deep-frying—results. A highly polished, structured base with no artificial coating and optimal non-stick properties ensures healthy and tasty roasting results without having to add any fat. Even deep-frying is easy, fast, and safe in AMC pans.


Some pans have a removable, extremely stable and secure long handle with a patented locking system for space-saving storage. AMC pans are very energy-efficient thanks to their rapid heat conduction and even heat distribution, made possible by the Akkutherm capsule base.


All pans are suitable for all types of hobs, including induction hobs.

Quick Cooker

The Secuquick softline quick cooking lid transforms AMC pots with diameters of 20 and 24 cm into pressure cookers. It reduces cooking times by up to 80%, with energy savings of up to 50%. With the Secuquick softline, anyone can quickly cook healthy “fast food.” Even dishes that usually take a long time to cook—beef goulash, for example— can be ready to serve in no time. Here’s a special tip: To prepare a risotto with the quick cooking lid, the temperature control feature will have it ready in just five minutes!


The lid serves up two quick cooking programs: Soft and Turbo. Soft quick cooking is a particularly gentle variant of pressure cooking using temperatures between 103 and 113 °C. This way, many fresh vegetables, frozen dishes, or special highlightsvery quickly while preserving the ingredients’ vitamins. Turbo quick cooking is the super fast and perfect cooking method for robust food that needs a long time to cook. The temperatures sit between 108 and 118 °C.


The steaming lid EasyQuick facilitates quick and gentle steaming while cooking. Steaming with AMC means cooking within a temperature window between 97 and 99 °C. Thanks to the low temperature, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals are preserved while the taste is retained. Steaming with the EasyQuick is ideal for fish dishes, stuffed vegetables, or vegetables that require long cooking times.


Steaming with the EasyQuick saves up to 50% more time than normal cooking methods. Together with the Audiotherm acoustic control and the mobile cooking plate Navigenio, the advantages that controlled cooking offers can also be fully utilized. 


The steaming lid EasyQuick was awarded the “Kitchen Innovation” prize thanks to its highly developed and intuitive features.


The mobile cooking plate Navigenio is the universal helper for cooking, roasting, steaming, and quick cooking—not to mention gratinating and baking. It can easily be used in the kitchen or out on the balcony. Thanks to the overhead function, it turns your AMC pot into a small oven that gratinates and bakes your food in the pot. Delicious dishes such as casseroles, pizza, bread, or cake can therefore be easily conjured. 


Paired up, the Audiotherm acoustic control and Navigenio make the perfect team for self-controlled cooking. While the temperature inside the pot is closely monitored, the Audiotherm and Navigenio communicate to regulate the energy supply as required. Once the cooking time has elapsed, the Navigenio switches to the keep-warm function at 60 °C for one hour. The Navigenio and Audiotherm can be ideally combined with a variety of AMC products.

The products shown above cover the main AMC products categories. But there is much more to discover to open up completely new possibilities for both daily meals and special gourmet menus alike, and to support your cooking endeavors in the best possible way.

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