Sustainable cooking with AMC

The need for more sustainability in everyday life is now more relevant than ever and is currently growing stronger in the face of the global energy crisis.  AMC is addressing key aspects to support a sustainable way of living: efficiency and convenience in everyday cooking. Our products made of very durable premium stainless steel are highly functional and innovative. The AMC Cooking System allows you to save time, energy, and water to encourage a sustainable way of life in your own household and to do so for 30 years thanks to its warranty period.

Smart energy savings with AMC

Are you also worried right now about the threat of an electricity shortage and wondering what you can do to ease the situation? You can save a lot of energy when you cook. Our AMC Products and cooking methods don’t only make cooking efficient in terms of time but also energy. TÜV-Rheinland has examined and verified all our test results. 

Cooking with Secuquick and Navigenio vs. conventional cooking with gas

The AMC Quick Cooking Lid Secuquick softline makes it possible to save up to 70% energy when you use it together with Navigenio Mobile Cooking Plate when cooking. That’s a huge amount of energy saved in comparison with conventional gas cooking.

Cooking with Secuquick vs. conventional cooking

In comparison to conventional cooking, recipes can be prepared very quickly with the AMC Quick Cooking Lid Secuquick softline, thereby allowing a lot of energy to be saved at the same time. In total, energy savings of up to 45% can be achieved when cooking with the Secuquick.

Cooking with Navigenio vs. conventional gas cooking

The Navigenio Mobile Cooking Plate is also very talented at saving energy. In comparison to conventional gas cooking, up to 50% energy can be saved when cooking with the Navigenio.

Warm’s you up: hearty and tender goulash

It doesn’t just fill you up but it also gives you the warmth you need on cold days: a delicious goulash. You won’t only save a lot of energy but also time when preparing the hearty stew. Together with the AMC Quick Cooking Lid Secuquick softline and the Navigenio Mobile Cooking Plate, you’ll achieve incredible energy savings of up 72% in comparison to cooking with gas and finish your delectable goulash in just 36 minutes instead of 1 hour and 23 minutes. That’s 47 extra minutes for you!