NEW: the EasyQuick!

quick, flexible & fully-automatic cooking!

Automatic steaming with the EasyQuick and experiencing true taste!
The advantages at a glance:

  • It fits pots and pans with 20 and 24 cm diameter
  • Cooking quickly and gently: up to 50 % time saving
  • Lid can be opened at any time to add spices or to taste

Depending on the selected pot, the EasyQuick is used with sealing ring 20 or 24 cm. Set Navigenio at Automatic (A) and fit the Audiotherm on the steam window. The radio contact is made and the temperature inside the pot is automatically regulated within the optimum steam zone 97 – 99° C. Thus your food is cooked quickly and gently. Bon Appetit!

Orange ginger cakes

Orange ginger cakes

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Tasty prospects of success.

Tender and juicy meat, crispy and delicious vegetables or a sweet piece of cake: to have a plate full of lip-smacking delight, careful preparation is essential. This is where you come in.