AMC blog with many topics on all things cooking
AMC blog with many topics on all things cooking

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Welcome to the AMC Blog! Here you will find exciting articles on topics such as cooking, food trends, health and lifestyle. Learn more about AMC and use our helpful tips & tricks. Also discover new delicious AMC recipes!
Spice it up! How to make your barbecue a hit with our recipes

It’s summertime, the sun’s out, the vibe is positive: it’s finally the perfect time for a cosy barbecue! So what do you need to consider when planning a barbecue? In this blog post, we’ll tell you how to create the right dishes with the right seasoning for a great barbecue that will impress your guests. Plan your next barbecue now to get plenty of barbecue lovers excited about what’s to come!

The bowl – an explosion of taste with every meal of the day

The diversity of food bowls is quite impressive. These popular bowls are suitable for every meal of the day and offer numerous delicious recipe ideas. There is guaranteed to be something for everyone! In this blog post, we'll introduce you to great variations of healthy bowl dishes and tell you why bowls are so popular. We also have for you delicious and easy recipe suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Small changes, big impact – cooking for and with kids

Who has not heard their kids say at least once “Mummy, I'm not eating this”? Especially when it comes to eating vegetables, children often flatly refuse to eat them, squeeze in just a few bites, or do not even want to try what they see on the plate. Arguments such as “But it is good for you!” are not convincing enough for kids to give the meal another chance.

The Home Office Challenge: Healthy and delicious cooking from your home office

For more than a year now, we have been spending not only our free time but often also our working time at home more and more often. Working in a home office has become the new normal for many and will possibly shape the working day of many for a longer period of time. In a small home office challenge, Melissa (our AMC blog editor) tried to cook fresh and healthy meals in a short time and with little effort while working in her home office. Follow her through her working day and find out how she did in the Home Office Challenge.

Spotless and Sparkling Clean — Daily Dishwashing Tips and Tricks

We’ve all been there: Full after having eaten lunch or dinner, all you want to do is shift directly from the dining table to the couch so that you can kick back and watch a movie or take a nap. If only it weren’t for the darn dishwashing that still needs to be done! Dirty pots and pans are piled on top of each other and you don’t even want to think about the burnt-in bits! Don't worry! If you pay attention to just a few things, you’ll manage to get it all under control! While we can’t make this task a thing of the past for you, our tips and tricks will help you breeze through doing the dishes—all while requiring even less time, water, and energy.

Sustainability in the Kitchen – Tips for an Environmentally Conscious Approach to Cooking and Eating

Shopping, cooking, and eating as much and as cheaply as possible – all without caring much about the environment and sustainability? That was yesterday. Today, more than ever, we are called upon to take a sustainable approach to how we think and behave. Sustainability is also a major topic of concern for us. In this article, we would therefore like to point out how easy it is to shop, cook, and eat in a more environmentally friendly manner – all while saving time and money.