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The smart AMC cooking system
The smart AMC cooking system

The smart AMC cooking system

Meets all your cooking needs

Do you value healthy cooking and are happy when your dishes taste delicious? Do you want to save time and energy when cooking? Are you looking for recipe ideas that inspire you?


The innovative and high-quality AMC cooking system meets all your cooking needs. Whichever of these is most important to you - the interplay of quality, functionality and technology allows you to enjoy all the benefits.


In addition, you will find inspiration in a wide range of recipes that have been created just for your cooking system and that will accompany you in your daily cooking. So no wishes remain unfulfilled. 


Discover the AMC cooking system now and be inspired.

Cook & Go

Ready, Set, "Cook & Go"! Get our app that allows you to save your individual cooking programs and use them whenever you like. Discover all the benefits of the Cook & Go app now and download it for free from your App Store.

Where can I buy AMC products?

You won't find the smart AMC cooking system in retail stores. AMC offers you the opportunity to test products free of charge before you buy them. Make an appointment now for your AMC cooking show - virtually or in person. Our professional advisors will show you how easy it is to cook delicious and healthy meals with AMC and answer all your questions.

How much do AMC products cost?

You put together your AMC cooking system after you get to know it and choose from the large number of products. Your AMC advisor will help you and create an offer that is tailored exactly to your needs.

Delicious recipes and innovation in the AMC Food Lab

The AMC Food Lab is our centre of excellence for nutrition, recipe creation, product development, trend monitoring and cooking training. Our team of nutrition, food and cooking experts is constantly looking for innovations in and around these areas.

Outstanding AMC cooking system

Kitchen Innovation Award 2021

The AMC Premium Cooking System was chosen by LifeCare.Network as the “KitchenInnovation of the Year 2021” and received the “Golden Award”.


Our products particularly stood out with respect to functionality, innovativeness, product benefits, design, and material properties.