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The AMC cooking set at a glance
The AMC cooking set at a glance

Make Your Own (MYO) sets

AMC offers a wide range of individual products in cooking sets consisting of high-quality pots, pans and cooking accessories. AMC cooking sets are individually tailored to your practices and preferences, meet your personal requirements and take your cooking skills to the next level by making your own sets.

Discover our cooking sets in varying sizes now.

Our compact set (MYO duo plus)

MYO duo plus which is an ideal COMPACT set for the nuclear families, budding and enthusiastic new upcoming Chefs, kitchens with limited space like studio apartments.

Our deluxe set (MYO2)

MYO 2 which is perfect DELUXE set for the family of 4 to 6 who loves cooking and enjoys many recipes. It also takes care when we have friends and relatives for special lunch or dinner.

Our convenient set (MYO 3)

MYO 3 which we call it as CONVENIENT set for simple reason as it gives the flexibility to working couples on managing their daily cooking needs with ease in time and enjoy delicious recipes.

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