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Spice it up! How to make your barbecue a hit with our recipes

  • July 2021
  • Melissa

It’s summertime, the sun’s out, the vibe is positive: it’s finally the perfect time for a cosy barbecue! So what do you need to consider when planning a barbecue? In this blog post, we’ll tell you how to create the right dishes with the right seasoning for a great barbecue that will impress your guests. Plan your next barbecue now to get plenty of barbecue lovers excited about what’s to come!

We had to wait a long time, but summer is finally here! People are spending time outside with family and friends after work. They’re going to the lake to cool off or spending their free time relaxing in the garden. With the warm temperatures and evenings comes the urge to barbecue. After all, barbecuing is simply part of what summer’s all about. Barbecuing has long been popular not only with meat lovers: there are also delicious barbecue recipes for vegetarians and vegans. But what makes for a successful barbecue? What delicious dishes can you delight your guests with? We’ll tell you in this post. Grill on!


The recipe for a successful barbecue


To pull off a perfect barbecue, you need to think about a few things beforehand. When it comes to barbecue sessions, good planning is half the battle! Pay attention to the following points – then everything will run smoothly!


The right location

You can basically barbecue anywhere. An ideal barbecue can be organised in the garden, on the balcony, in the park or even by the lake. When barbecuing in public places, you should find out beforehand if it is permitted in your chosen location. If it rains, the barbecued food can simply be enjoyed indoors. Make sure that the location for the barbecue can stand up to all types of weather.

The guest list

Once the date for your barbecue has been set, you should figure out who you want to invite. When planning the food and drinks, it’s good to know what your guests’ preferences are. Make sure there is enough seating available. If the party is at your house, it definitely doesn’t hurt to inform your neighbours beforehand.


The grill

The most important item for your barbecue session is the barbecue itself. Is the barbecue clean and ready to be used? Depending on what kind of barbecue you have, you will need different paraphernalia such as enough charcoal, wood or a full gas bottle. Whether a charcoal grill, electric grill, gas grill or disposable grill: the choice is broad.


The accessories

The necessary accessories such as (barbecue) cutlery, glasses and crockery can’t be missing and must be purchased in sufficient quantities. A great barbecue session needs the right decoration to go with it. Add the right decorative items to create a cosy barbecue ambiance.


The food

The food at a barbecue is long past consisting of only meat and salad. Barbecuing has become increasingly popular in recent years; it’s no longer just an event for meat lovers. Even those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet have discovered grilling for themselves. Delicious alternatives such as vegetable skewers, spicy marinated tofu or grill-ready cheese make up a contemporary barbecue today.

Get good quality meat. Whether it’s beef, pork, lamb, chicken or even sausages, any type of meat is suitable for grilling. For those who prefer fish, there should be some choice to be had there too. If you want to marinate the meat, make sure you have already marinated it a few hours beforehand if possible. The marinating time determines the tenderness and seasoning of the meat.

In addition to the meat and fish, delicious starters such as finger food, fresh salads, grilled vegetables or crisp potatoes – not to mention aromatic dips – are also important. Make sure you have alternative dishes available for your vegetarian or vegan guests. We’ll introduce you to the perfect barbecue recipes further down in the blog post. All that’s missing to successfully round out your barbecue session is a refreshing dessert.

The drinks

From barbecue classics like beer through to non-alcoholic drinks, make sure you have a good selection of drinks available for your guests. Suitable drinks such as wine, whisky or non-alcoholic lemonades can also nicely complement barbecue dishes. Make sure you’re able to chill the drinks. This provides the right cooldown level for a successful barbecue.

As with any other party, good planning is the most important factor of it all. Follow all these to-dos so that you can delight your guests with an excellent barbecue!

The right recipes are what make your barbecue a hit

As with cooking, there are individual taste preferences when it comes to grilling. One person likes it a little spicier, while the other prefers a sweet note in their meal. Give your barbecue dishes even more flavour and inspire your guests with the most diverse aromas. The new AMC BBQ Trio spice set offers a wonderful selection to make your barbecue dishes even more aromatic and delicious. What could be better than enjoying delicious barbecue dishes with family and friends? We will now show you which tasty AMC recipes and AMC BBQ spices will make your next barbecue a success!


For those guests who like it a little spicier

With the AMC Smokey spice, your food gets an intense smoky flavour and a spicier note. This spice is especially ideal for meats such as beef, pork or veal. Of course, you can also use Smokey for side dishes like potatoes or prepare spicy-hot marinades with it. It’ll serve up a taste like at a real American barbecue!

Smokey Pulled Pork

Macadamia butter & Smokey Maple Glaze

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For those guests who want a real “fiesta Mexicana” taste
Add a touch of Mexico to your barbecue! The AMC Mexican spice lends your dish a slightly sweet flavour. As the name suggests, this spice is ideal for Mexican meals. The paprika mixture is also well suited for poultry, vegetables and aromatic dips. Let the “fiesta Mexicana” begin!

Vegetarian skewers

Exotic mango marinade & Mexican salsa verde

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For guests who want to journey into the cuisine of the Orient

Just like a mezze: offer your guests a seductive oriental experience with food! Spice up your lamb dish, vegetables, couscous or dip with AMC BBQ Oriental and inspire your guests with the cuisine of the Orient. Burgers are a must at every barbecue! Instead of the classic hamburger, we have a delicious veggie version for you. Give our AMC recipes a try!

Bean burger in lettuce leaves

“Oriental” lemon marinade & Baba ghanoush

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