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The bowl – an explosion of taste with every meal of the day

  • July 2021
  • Melissa

The diversity of food bowls is quite impressive. These popular bowls are suitable for every meal of the day and offer numerous delicious recipe ideas. There is guaranteed to be something for everyone! In this blog post, we'll introduce you to great variations of healthy bowl dishes and tell you why bowls are so popular. We also have for you delicious and easy recipe suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Acai Bowl, Poké Bowl, Rainbow Bowl – the list goes on and on. What makes the bowl so special? Meals in bowls come in all sorts of variations. Whether vegetarian or low carb, with fruits or with rice – bowls provide real explosions of flavor. The colorful bowls are not only healthy, but also easy and quick to prepare. Since all ingredients are arranged and served in a bowl as a colorful mixture, the bowl is also ideal for when you’re on the go.

But what's behind the trend?


Food Trend Bowl


Like so many food trends, the origin of the bowl is in the USA. Arising out of a so-called “clean eating” movement, which emerged in the second half of the 2010s as a new lifestyle diet, the so-called food bowl has become established as a typical dish. “Clean-eaters” cook with the healthiest fresh ingredients possible and avoid convenience foods. Learn more about this trend in our blog article “Clean Eating - Keeping it natural". Food bowls have become increasingly popular in recent years among those who pay attention to a healthy and conscious diet. Since a lot of emphasis is also placed on the look of a bowl and how beautifully they are served, bowl dishes have become increasingly present and popular on social media platforms. There are countless beautiful pictures of bowl dishes to admire on Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms. We also present you delicious bowl recipes at the end of our blog post.


A feast for both the palate and eyes combined in one bowl


The ingredients in a bowl are not mixed together, but draped on top of and next to each other in a visually appealing way. Because here too: It’s also a feast for your eyes! The bowl usually consists of the following five main ingredients:


Carbohydrates make up the basic foundation of any bowl as the most important source of energy and satiety. In particular, the following are suitable as healthy carbohydrates: (sweet) potatoes, rice, quinoa or millet.


If you want to have a healthy diet, protein-containing foods must be present in any bowl. Meat or fish are therefore very appropriate sources of protein. For the vegetarian version, eggs or various cheeses such as halloumi or feta, for example, can be used. Vegans can reach for vegetable-sourced proteins such as lentils, chickpeas or beans. No matter which option you choose, the bowl becomes a true source of protein!



A healthy meal also needs to come with the necessary vitamins. Vegetables and fruit should not be missing in any bowl. In addition, the colorful ingredients make the bowl visually appealing. Whether it's a refreshing red color from strawberries, the bright yellow of a mango or the juicy green of broccoli. There are no limits to creativity here when it comes to arranging the bowl.


The connection between carbohydrates, proteins and the fruits and vegetables are the appropriate sauces and dips. Depending on the type of bowl, there are different components for this, such as spicy dips for an Asia Bowl, guacamole or a simple vinaigrette for a vegetable bowl. Here, too, there are many possible combinations.


Now all that’s missing are the finishing touches! Each food bowl is only complete when the toppings that can provide additional vitamins and minerals are added. Nuts like almonds or walnuts or roasted seeds are often used as healthy toppings. Toppings also visually put the ‘icing on the cake’.


Depending on your wishes and taste preferences, you can prepare your bowl differently. This way you can create and enjoy colorful and tasty flavor explosions!


What makes the bowl so popular?


It’s part of a healthy diet:

If you want to have a healthy diet, you definitely can't forget about food bowls. Bowls, with their many ingredients including carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats and minerals, are very balanced and therefore healthy. The products used for this are mainly natural and do not consist of unhealthy processed products. Especially in this day and age, when more and more consumers are paying attention to their own health and want to strengthen their immune system through proper nutrition.


Simple and fast preparation:

Whether at the home office, the office or on the road: A bowl is quick and easy to prepare and can also be eaten on a train ride, for example. In just a few minutes, great food bowls are cooked and served. Our AMC recipes are also simple and quick to prepare. Learn more about it below.

Something for everyone:

The bowl is also so popular because there is something for everyone. One likes meat, the other likes vegetables or perhaps would prefer a very exotic bowl. No matter what you feel like, the taste of the bowl can be prepared individually. Today you feel like eating porridge, tomorrow maybe a spicy Asia Bowl.

A feast for the eyes:

Not only in terms of taste, but also visually, the bowl becomes an individual self-creation. Because here too: It’s also a feast for your eyes! Especially for social media enthusiasts, bowls are ideal for colorful and appetizing food pictures. We show you in our blog article how you can set the scene for your bowl: "Show off your plate – how to showcase your food properly". Share a photo of your bowl right away on social media and make everyone jealous with your own creation. But do not forget: Enjoy it!

You can never go wrong with a bowl. Whether it's for a healthy breakfast, an office lunch boost, or a light dinner, we'll show you healthy, easy, and quick bowl recipes for every meal of the day in the next few chapters and how you can prepare them successfully with AMC. 


Breakfast recipes for the perfect start to the day


A generous breakfast in the morning is essential. A successful start to the new day requires a lot of energy. Bowls rich in carbohydrates such as muesli or acai bowls are suitable dishes. We have here two wonderful recipe ideas for a tasty breakfast for you:

Crunchy muesli:

Baked banana porrdige:


Tasty pick-me-up during the lunch break

Bowl dishes are especially good when you need something quick and easy at lunchtime because you have to get back to work soon. You’re really hungry, but the lunch break is short. Here we show you culinary recipes for your lunch break:

Poké bowl:

Shakushuka bowl:

End the day with a healthy dinner


Warm, lukewarm or cold – especially healthy and light recipes for dinner are very popular. Here are our two inspirational bowls for a delicious dinner:

Quinoa bowl with salmon:

Corn steak bowl:


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