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Impressive journey at IKA 2024

We would like to share a special moment when the Swiss Junior Culinary National Team took the stage at the IKA/Culinary Olympics 2024 in Stuttgart with their culinary excellence. Despite the intense competition, these young cooking talents enchanted us with their unique culinary creations. A big thank you to the chefs for their tireless work and commitment. We are proud to be the official partner of the Swiss Junior Culinary National Team.

Review of the IKA 2024

Summit of the culinary arts

A celebration of culinary creativity and passion: take a look at a few impressions from this unique event, where the talented chefs of the Swiss junior national culinary team demonstrated their skills and created unforgettable moments.

“The AMC Cooking System enables people to eat better and live better! We are delighted to be partners of the Swiss Junior Culinary National Team. We support these young talents in following their passion for life, and enable them to deliver top performances by participating in international competitions. The partnership shows that quality and passion are the best ingredients to ensure success.”


Dirk Reznik, CEO AMC International

Hard work, passion, focus and talent is the recipe for their success

The success story of the Swiss Junior Culinary National Team dates back many years. Both in 2014 and also most recently in 2022, the team triumphed in the Culinary World Cup as overall winner. After the successful Culinary World Cup 2022, their next goal is: the 2024 IKA Culinary Olympics. The oldest, biggest and most multifaceted international competition for culinary arts worldwide is another exciting challenge for the young cooks.


Schweizer Junior-Kochnationalmannschaft

Laura Loosli

Gourmet visionary

Passion and innovation coalesce in Laura Loosli, a true pioneer of Swiss cuisine.


Born in beautiful Switzerland, she discovered her love for cooking at an early age and embarked on her culinary journey with boundless dedication. Laura broadened her talent for creating true delicacies by also honing her skills and perfecting her abilities in the world of pastry. As a pastry chef, she not only works her magic in creating exquisite desserts, but also seduces the senses with irresistible sweet dishes. With her creativity and ambition, she is well on her way to becoming a top chef and pastry chef.

Simon Grimbichler

Pleasure pioneer

In the world of gastronomy, Simon Grimbichler is both a passionate chef and a visionary.


He was born in the picturesque Alps of Switzerland and grew up surrounded by the country’s rich culinary traditions. His passion for cooking was already awakened at a young age, and he pursued this path with tireless dedication. Early in his cooking career, he found great inspiration in Auguste Escoffier, who is widely considered a pioneer of classical cuisine and modern gastronomy. Simon’s talent led him to an impressive apprenticeship in renowned Swiss kitchens, where he learned the secrets of top-rate cuisine and the importance of high-quality ingredients.

Achieving success together – the basis for top performances

The young talents place great value on tradition, quality and precision. But they first achieve top performances in the international competition with their creative energy and above all a strong team spirit and solidarity. The Swiss Junior Culinary National Team represents Swiss culinary arts and the culture of the country, showing its diversity and quality. The team is proud to present the gastronomic traditions and innovations of Switzerland at international competitions.


Schweizer Junior-Kochnationalmannschaft mit AMC
Kulinarische Exzellenz

Culinary excellence

As partner of the Swiss Junior Culinary National Team, AMC supports the success of the young talents.


We share many topics from the culinary world that are important to both of us: especially the wish that everything works out perfectly, with top quality and precision. We are united by a passion for excellent cooking. But we are also united by the will to continually set new standards.

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The Culinary National Team also puts its trust in AMC

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