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Smart components for intelligent cooking
Smart components for intelligent cooking

Our smart cooking components allow you to be in control of your cooking at all times.


The Audiotherm acoustic signaler beeps when something needs to be done. Together with the Navigenio mobile cooking plate, the Audiotherm can even regulate cooking time and temperature automatically to make smart cooking a breeze. The Navigenio can be used not only for cooking and roasting, but even for baking. Turn it upside down, place it on the pot and voilà: you’ve turned your pot into a mini-oven.


Discover the many possibilities of smart cooking with AMC now and learn more about the components that make our cooking system even smarter.

Acoustic control Audiotherm

The acoustic control Audiotherm together with the temperature indicator Visiotherm enables you to cook with temperature and time control. The Audiotherm calls you whenever something needs to be done and shows you on the display what to do. Together with the mobile cooking plate Navigenio everything even goes on its own with self-controlled cooking.

Mobile cooking plate Navigenio

The mobile cooking plate Navigenio is your indispensable helper when cooking. It can easily be used in the kitchen or on the balcony. It turns your AMC pot into a small oven. Delicious dishes such as pizza, bread or cake are easy to prepare. Together with the acoustic control Audiotherm everything goes on its own with self-controlled cooking.

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