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1 min 3 min
Vitamin rich Vegetarian


  1. Heat up oPan large at highest level/flame until the perfect temperature for roasting has been reached.
  2. Reduce to low level/flame and add fat. Spread it evenly in the oPan large.
  3. Break eggs in it and roast according to taste. Season with salt and pepper.


The eggs are considered to be medium sized.

If you take small sized eggs, you can take up to 5 eggs!



Open roasting without added fat is one of the important benefits of the AMC open roasting method.

Of course it is possible as well with the AMC oPan large. Only for very few recipes, especially fried eggs, scrambled eggs and omelettes, AMC recommends to use a little bit of fat, so that a good taste and the best cooking results are guaranteed.

Nutritional values per piece: 91 kcal

Products used

  • Brunch pan 28 cm «oPan» with long handle

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