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Steaming lid EasyQuick for gentle but quick steaming with pots with 20 cm & 24 cm diameter

The steaming lid EasyQuick enables you to steam below 100 °C gently but quickly. This ensures that the taste of the ingredients and their nutrients are optimally preserved. The EasyQuick fits all pots with 20 cm and 24 cm diameter and turns them into a steamer.


  • Gentle preparation gives more taste
  • Vitamins, nutrients and minerals are fully preserved
  • Quick steaming allows you to save time and energy
  • Turns all AMC pots with 20 cm and 24 cm into a steamer
  • Works without pressure and can be opened at any time while cooking

Product description

The steaming lid EasyQuick fits all pots with a diameter of 20 cm or 24 cm and turns them into a steamer. One lid that works for two pot diameters is not only space-saving and economical, but also very practical. Depending on the dish, the ideal pot can be used. Steaming with AMC means cooking in a temperature range from 97 °C to 99 °C. Thanks to this method, vitamins, nutrients and minerals are retained and the taste is preserved. The vegetables taste fresh, the meat remains juicy and stews get a hearty nuance. Put your ingredients in the combinable insert Softiera and place it in the pot of your choice for gentle but quick steaming. This lid is ideal for fish dishes, stuffed vegetables or vegetables with a long cooking time. With the EasyQuick you save up to 50 % time when steaming compared to traditional steaming. The EasyQuick works without pressure. You can remove the lid at any time during cooking to add spices to your dishes as you prefer. Together with the acoustic control Audiotherm and the mobile cooking plate Navigenio, you take full advantage of temperature- and time-controlled cooking.


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