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Our AMC accessories make working in the kitchen even easier: Round out your AMC pots and pans with practical accessories to bring you even greater pleasure while preparing food. Whether for cooking, juicing, grating, shredding, and much more, these accessories make cooking with AMC even more practical and convenient.

Ring insert 24 cm

Ring insert for crispy roasting and to protect from grease splashes

Grater, shredder and slicer insert 20 cm

The insert is suitable for grating, shredding and slicing vegetables or hard cheese directly into the pot or a combi bowl. Can also be used as a second cooking level.

Sieve top 20 / 24 cm

Ideal for combi steam cooking with the steamer EasyQuick.

Pot bowl 20 cm Softiera

Pot bowl ideal for quick cooking with the lid Secuquick Softline.

Pot bowl 24 cm Softiera

Pot bowl 24 cm ideal for cooking, defrosting and juicing

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