Cook & Go makes it easy to succeed – this is how you cook today!

  • October 2023
  • Melissa

Are you ready for a new all-in-one cooking experience? With the new Cook & Go app from AMC, you can cook simply, quickly, and guaranteed to succeed. Read this article to learn how our latest innovation can help you become a true gourmet chef. Ready, Set, Cook & Go!

Guaranteed simple cooking

We all want the same thing: to be able to cook delicious dishes as quickly and easily as possible. Often, in the stress of everyday life, we lack inspiration and do not know which recipe will succeed without much effort and time. Especially when preparing a dish, it should not be complicated. We want recipe ideas for every day, which can be prepared quickly and deliciously - according to individual taste.

Are there recipes you don't dare try because you're afraid you'll mess them up? Have you always wanted to prepare a fancy but elaborate meat dish for your loved ones? With AMC's new Cook & Go app, you'll rediscover cooking and experience a true sense of accomplishment, whether it's with an easy or more difficult recipe! Thanks to the Guided Cooking feature of Cook & Go, you are guided step-by-step through the entire cooking process. The app supports you as a personal cooking coach with useful tips and tricks with videos. Your new companion in the kitchen is a multi-talent with its many functions!

Everything under control thanks to Audiotherm

Smart, smarter, Cook & Go!

An important role in the use of the app is played here by the acoustic control Audiotherm, whose operation is easy. The Cook & Go app is linked to the Audiotherm and thus to the smart cooking system. This in turn enables temperature- and time-controlled cooking. You have the entire cooking process under control at all times and every recipe is guaranteed to succeed. The great result: you create perfectly prepared dishes!

Cook & Go not only makes cooking easier, it also makes it smarter. Learn more about the smart AMC cooking system here.

The AMC recipe world on the Cook & Go app

Culinary spoiling program guaranteed

In the AMC Cook & Go app, there are numerous tasty recipe ideas for you to discover. The recipes are sorted by category, which makes it even easier for you to find recipe suggestions according to your personal preferences. Whether vegan, vegetarian or dishes with meat or fish - in the colorful and delicious recipe world of AMC there are many new delicious inspirations. You also have the option of saving your favorite recipes as favorites.

Even simpler cooking with Cook & Go

Are you curious and want to prepare culinary creations like a real cooking pro? The Cook & Go app is now available for download in the Apple and Google Play Store. Download the app and experience cooking in a new way!