Colorful summer soups – here are some light and refreshing recipes to spoon out

  • August 2021
  • Melissa

Soups during the summer? That’s right! Whether served hot or cold, even on summer days soups are a real treat. In this blog post we’ll reveal why you should not only eat soups during the cold winter, but also in warmer temperatures. Our delicious and healthy summer soups serve up the right type of refreshment for your summer!

It’s hot and you’re hungry, but you’re looking for something light and refreshing to enjoy. During the summer, you often reach for a fresh summer salad or a delicious gelato. Hardly anyone thinks to make soup right away. Soup and summer: They don’t match, do they? Actually, they go great together! Simply try out refreshing summer soups that you can prepare quickly and easily. Whether hot or cold, delicious and light summer soups are perfect and do your body good—even on those hot summer days. In this blog post, we’ll tell you why you should have summer soups on your menu during the summer and the recipes you can use to please your guests on a cozy summer evening.


Transforming the idea of soup


Poor man’s food, a reason to use leftovers, or the dish for the sick: For a long time, soups were neither very popular nor considered favorite dishes. Even today, soup is unfortunately still not considered a true delicacy. However, the general outlook on it has improved significantly in recent years. Online, you can find newly created soup recipes every day as well as numerous sources of inspiration from other countries and cultures. Soups are increasingly becoming part of an eating culture that values quality and healthiness. They are no longer served only as comforting winter soups, but also as summer soups for cozy meals with family and friends. Nowadays, soups are no longer boring or colorless: Instead, they’re lively, original and delicious!


Why soups are so healthy


Everyone knows that when you’re sick, you long for a warm and soothing chicken soup to quickly get back on your feet and strengthen your immune system. The invigorating effect of chicken soup has even been scientifically proven. A summery alternative to chicken soup is the Thai coconut soup Tom Kha Gai. With ginger as one of its ingredients, it is also a good immune booster. Soups provide us with plenty of important vitamins and minerals. Depending on which ingredients are chosen, they can also be very healthy. If you prepare the soup yourself instead of getting a ready-made soup from the supermarket, you can also be sure what’s in it: no hydrogenated fats, extra sugar, or additives.


If you cook soups with lots of vegetables, you’ve got a guaranteed vitamin supplier. The high proportion of vegetables in soups fills us up through their dietary fibers. Our digestion also gets stimulated while the body’s detoxified. If you’d rather cut out a few calories, you should go for clear soups. And if you prefer something heartier now and then, light cream soups are ideal. We have a tasty recipe for you further down in this blog post.

Quick and easy preparation


Soup preparation is quick and easy as can be: You can even let the soup simmer on its own for a few minutes once you’ve thrown all the ingredients into the pot. While the soup is cooking, you can do things like tend to your household or play with your kids without any stress. The AMC Secuquick softline quick cooking makes it possible for you to easily and quickly cook soups. For a delicious summer soup recipe that you can make with the Secuquick softline, keep reading this blog post. You’ll also discover more recipes for other quick summer soups!


Summer soups as the perfect summer refreshment


Soups are becoming increasingly trendy and are considered to be beneficial meals. This means there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying delicious and healthy soups during the summer as well, is there? Summer soups can be eaten either as a light appetizer, a delicious main course, or even as a quick snack. Whether served lukewarm or cold, summer soups bring cool strength that’s truly tasty to your warm summer days.


Here now is our colorful top 3 selection of recipes for healthy and delicious summer soups that provide perfect refreshment. A recipe to suit every taste is guaranteed!


1. The creamy-sweet temptation: Sweet potato Vichyssoise

Click here for the recipe!

2The refreshing green creation: Cold cucumber soup with salmon crostini

Try it now and enjoy! You can find the recipe here.

3. The cool classic with a twist: Roasted gazpacho

The recipe for this culinary delicacy is here

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