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AMC Smart Cooking System

The AMC Premium Cooking System is based on closed air circulation between the base of the pot, the cold wall zone, and the lid. Thanks to unique technologies, the system guarantees an optimal temperature- and time control for nutrient-preserving, time-saving and healthy cooking. Simply put, it enables connectivity in the kitchen to create a smart cooking system that is easy and intuitive, delivering the best tasting and most consistent results with little effort.

See how perfect your food will be – Thanks to the Visiotherm temperature control

Cooking with AMC means that you always know which temperatures to use with your pots and pans. The Visiotherm measures the temperature of the pot and shows it on the display. Temperature control is the only way to ensure that your cooking or roasting will be done at exactly the right temperature, so allowing the ingredients’ vitamins and nutrients to be retained. Using the Visiotherm to control your temperature will guarantee that the food is carefully prepared and yields a healthy and tasty result.

Hear how well everything is going – Thanks to the Audiotherm acoustic control

The Audiotherm uses signal tones to make what is happening in the pot “audible” and gives you tips on whether you need to do anything (and if so, what).. Simply put it on the Visiotherm, turn it on and the Audiotherm is ready to go!


The display immediately tells you:

  • which temperature range you have selected
  • whether the temperature is too high or too low
  • whether the cooking time is over or how much longer it will last

Temperature and time under control – thanks to Audiotherm und Navigenio

The Navigenio mobile hot plate can be used both indoors and outdoors for cooking and roasting, and the overhead function even makes it possible to use it for gratinating and baking – both indoors and outdoors.


The Navigenio can be wirelessly connected to the Audiotherm in order to control the entire cooking experience. It increases or reduces the energy supply depending on the selected cooking program, switches off automatically when the cooking session is complete, and keeps the food warm for up to one hour if desired.

New: Use the “Cook & Go” app to control your cooking process with even greater ease

Pair the Cook & Go app with your Audiotherm via Bluetooth so that you can conveniently control the cooking process with your smartphone or tablet. And with the new Navigenio, this can even happen outside the kitchen thanks to the Wi-Fi module!


The additional innovative features of the Cook & Go app — such as the ability to save individual cooking programs — make cooking easier and more reliable than ever before!

Discover our range of products now and experience for yourself how delicious, fast, and easy cooking with AMC can be. Book your non-binding AMC Cooking Show now!

The LifeCare.Network gave the AMC Premium Cooking System the “KitchenInnovation of the Year 2021” consumer award as well as the “Golden Award” in the Small Electrical Appliances category. Together with a jury of experts, consumers are tasked with choosing their winners from the latest kitchen innovations.


The AMC Premium System stood out to consumers and experts alike with respect to functionality, innovativeness, product benefits, design, and material properties.