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20 min 12 min
Vitamin rich Low fat


  1. Peel onions and garlic, clean chilli pepper, dice everything finely. Clean bell peppers, cut into strips. Blanch tomatoes with boiling water, rinse with cold water, remove skin and dice.
  2. Take diced onion, garlic and chilli pepper in a HotPan, cover with lid, place on stove, set it at highest level. Switch on Audiotherm, fit it on Visiotherm, turn it until the roasting symbol appears.
  3. As soon as the Audiotherm beeps on reaching the roasting window, set at low level and sauté everything. Add rice, sauté together briefly. Add stock and bell peppers, set stove at highest level, heat up to vegetable window, set at low level and cook approx. 10 minutes.
  4. Cut fish fillet into bite-size pieces, mix with lemon juice, season with salt and pepper.
  5. Fold in fish pieces, diced tomato as well as olive oil. If required, set stove at a high level again, let fish steep approx. 2 minutes. Season spicy, cut basil leaves finely and sprinkle over it before serving.

Nutritional values per portion: 430 kcal

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