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The AMC cooking set at a glance
The AMC cooking set at a glance

Whether for cooking, baking, roasting, steaming, pressure cooking or deep-frying, AMC offers a wide range of individual products in cooking sets consisting of high-quality pots, pans and cooking accessories. AMC cooking sets are individually tailored to your practices and preferences, meet your personal requirements and take your cooking skills to the next level.


Discover our cooking sets in varying sizes now.

Alpine Set

The Alpine Set of three larger cooking pots is a versatile and practical collection designed to enhance your culinary experience.

Magical Set

The Magical Set crafted with precision and attention to detail, these pots are perfect for a variety of cooking tasks, providing versatility and aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.

Cool Set

The Cool Set boasts an enchanting design, featuring whimsical details, vibrant colors, or unique patterns that add a touch of magic to your kitchen

Cozy Set

The Cozy Set storage space in your kitchen

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