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Happy Easter! How to plan the perfect Easter brunch with your family

  • April 2022
  • Melissa

Want to invite your family over for a delicious Easter brunch, but don't know what dishes to impress them with? In our newest blog post we share our tips on how to plan the perfect Easter brunch and show you how to get kids involved in Easter decorating. And we’re sure you’ll find our recipe ideas for a delicious Easter brunch EGG-citing!

Easter is just around the corner! The spring flowers are blooming, the brightly colored eggs are being hidden for the Easter egg hunt, and the first preparations are being made for the delicious Easter dinner. Easter days are a wonderful time to enjoy pleasant moments with family and friends.


Easter is familiy time

How is Easter celebrated? For most, Easter is a family celebration with lots of dyed eggs and chocolate Easter bunnies. Every year Easter is celebrated with the family from Good Friday to Easter Monday, but many do not know what Easter is all about. A brief religious fact: Easter is a Christian festival. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on this day. Since Easter Sunday falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the spring equinox, Easter is not celebrated on the same date every year.

Like at Christmas, at Easter there are numerous traditions and culinary delights. Children especially receive many gifts and it is a time to spend enjoyably with family and friends. The Easter days are exciting especially for the children. On this holiday as well children are often given presents, or they enjoy creative craft time spent with them before the holidays. Sweet treats like chocolate Easter bunnies are at least as delicious as Christmas biscuits.

As with other holidays, there is a lot to prepare for Easter. Some people put a lot of effort into the menu in particular. After all, the festive meal is one of those key things that make the holiday unforgettable. But meals in particular at Easter are often informal and there are no fixed rules. Most of the time, no specific dishes are expected. Especially suitable for Easter Sunday is a wonderfully sumptuous and delicious brunch. Below we'll tell you how to prepare a wonderful Easter brunch with a broad spread of delicacies.

Child easter brunch

Tips for the perfect Easter brunch

You've decided to impress your guests on Easter Sunday with a rich and delicious Easter brunch? There are a few things to keep in mind for a delicious brunch with the whole family. To make your Easter brunch a success and a culinary delight, we have put together for you a list of useful tips:

  • Seasonal shopping: Make sure you use ingredients that are in season and as fresh as possible. Particularly popular spring ingredients at Easter are asparagus, strawberries and rhubarb. But vegetables such as carrots and radishes or fresh herbs add not only a taste of spring to your Easter menus, but more color to the plate.
  • Choose from a wide selection of dishes: Maybe your guests include both vegans and those who like their breakfasts to be substantial or sweet. The good thing about brunch is that there are almost no rules and you can be generous with your choices. Make sure you serve not only hearty hot dishes, but also crispy cold dishes, as well as sweet and crunchy foods. It's all in the mix!
  • Brunch basics are not to be missed! Make sure there’s enough bread, fresh rolls, cold cuts, butter or margarine on the table. A home-baked yeast plait makes a very special impression.
  • Eggciting! Boiled and colorfully painted eggs – eggs are part of the Easter menu and are particularly popular on Easter holidays. The eggs are found not only at a lavish Easter brunch, however, but also as colorfully wrapped chocolate eggs at the Easter Sunday egg hunt or blown out and dyed, as beautiful Easter decorations.


Boiled eggs turn out particularly well with the AMC cooking method. With AMC you can prepare eggs using only 3 tablespoons of water. How is that possible? The eggs are heated in the AMC pot and gently cooked in steam. They are much less likely to burst than when placed in boiling water – and you don't even need an egg boiler.

Cookd egg for easter brunch

  • Delicious nibbles are not to be missed! Just like at Christmas, Easter needs sweet desserts. Especially for the kids, homemade American Pancakes are a real hit. The children can help make the batter and pile their own pancakes high with a variety of toppings. That’s sure to make the little ones sit up taller in their seats! Below we have a great recipe for extra-fluffy American Pancakes!
  • Besides coffee, tea, orange juice, etc., you can also lay in refreshing drinks: Brunch doesn't always have to mean a cappuccino or freshly squeezed orange juice – refreshing beverages such as lemonade or sparkling champagne can also spice up a generous Easter brunch.
  • The right Easter decorations create a good mood: When it comes to preparing the decorations in particular, teamwork is the order of the day. Children can help you with the right Easter decorations! Start with some ideas for decorations to capture the Easter spirit and spend a few hours practising crafts with the children. Because merely the creativity you bring to the preparations helps create a good mood.

To make your Easter brunch truly beautiful and colorful, here are some ideas on how to keep your children creatively occupied. Find out below which craft ideas will enthuse the children.

Colored eegs for the easter brunch

Preparing crafts with the children

Especially for children, the Easter holidays are a wonderful time and they look forward to it weeks in advance. The little ones can give you a helping hand with the right Easter decorations. It’s not just the baking but the decorating too that children love to get involved with in the lead-up to the Easter holidays.

Easter eggs dyed or painted in bright colors are the absolute classic at Easter. Children love them. Working with paintbrushes and various dyes, and with stickers too, the children can paint and decorate the eggs until they can hold up genuine works of art. Get your children involved in designing colorful eggs to let their creativity run free. Children are also wonderful helpers when it’s time to decorate the Easter tree.  Crafting sessions in the run-up to Easter are much more fun in company.

Children can also help bake Easter cookies. When baking, you can pick out cute cookie cutters such as lambs or bunnies. This makes baking much more fun and puts a smile on every child's face. At the end, the children can decorate the Easter cookies with sugar eggs or colored icing. Naturally, the children can decorate the Easter tree by hanging up the cookies on it.

What parents in any case should not forget: plumped-up Easter nests. While the children can help make the Easter nests, the nests should be hidden by parents until it’s time for the beloved Easter egg hunt. Whether hidden in the garden or inside the house, the annual Easter egg hunt is guaranteed to be a blast for kids.


The brunch is a very pleasant way to celebrate Easter. We hope we were able to inspire you with our tips and leave you looking forward already to planning your Easter brunch. Below you will find plenty of delicious recipe ideas that you could serve up at your Easter brunch. With our delicious Easter brunch recipes, your brunch is sure to be a culinary hit. The Easter Sunday brunch is the ideal chance to enjoy, feast and laugh together with young and old. Easter time is a wonderful family time. We wish you and your family a happy Easter!