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Over the past 60 years, AMC has earned a top position in the market thanks to its temperature and time-controlled cooking solutions, combined with innovative cooking methods, durability, energy efficiency and variety, product-specific recipe developments and smart solutions.


Be cordially invited look back on AMC‘s history, discover our innovations and be inspired on how you cook today.

Eating better, then and now

Everything begins with a good idea: Andrew W. Garfield and Georg Timmermann first produced stainless steel cooking pots in 1963 and sold them in Germany under the name „AMC“. The high-quality, robust and tasteless material is now common in all kitchens, but at the time was a real innovation.


First AMC M25 series - a total success

The first AMC M25 series proved to be a total success thanks to the innovative stainless steel material and the unique cooking methods „cooking with no added water“ and „roasting with no added fat“. This was the birth of AMC International Alfa Metalcraft Corp. AG in Switzerland and further expansion in Europe.

A variety of dishes with AMC pots and pans

Even back in the 1970s, AMC pots and pans were used to prepare and serve a wide variety of dishes quickly and easily. But many dishes relied on fat as a flavor carrier, which was a real problem. Many people wanted to eat more healthily again.

However, people didn‘t just need ideas for dishes, they also needed help to prepare them. New ways of preparing healthy and good-tasting meals were needed.


M27 series in new design to come with AMC recipes

The M25model, with wich AMC had laid the foundation, quickly established itself in countless kitchens – a lead that expanded so quickly that in the 1970s AMC went a step further and not only offered in 1973 the M27 series of pots in a new contemporary design, but in 1978 founded the AMC Institute as an independent research and development institute that developed recipes that made it easy to put delicious and healthier meals on the table.

New need to cook healthier and faster

Dance films concquered the cinemas and physical fitness in general became a trend. But while very high-carbohydrate foods continued to dominate taste palettes, AMC continued to work on nutritional education. In order to get healthy meals on the menu, cooking had to be even faster and less complicated than before.


M28 series – the first temperature-controlled cooking system

With the M28 series, AMC introduced the appropriate support for these demands in 1983. The pots featured the first temperature-controlled cooking system, which scored with the combination of the Akkutherm capsule base and the Visiotherm temperature display on the knob of the pot lid. AMC launched the Secuquick quick cooking lids as ist third type of technology.

M29 series - New look, new functions for the new decade

In the 1990s, organic products increasingly enjoyed greater poularity. Overall, shoppers were willing to spend more money for good ingredients and experiment with different international cuisines. In addition to Mediterranean dishes or Asian cusinie people were now reaching for lighter salads and whole-grain products instead of heavy fast food. Also new technologies were bringing about changes.


Atmosfera, the first mobile cooking plate

AMC was among those at the forefront of this. With the M29 series, it launched in 1996 a range of pots that were induction-compatible, making cooking even more energy-efficient and safer. The Audiotherm expanded the practical functions of the Visiotherm by giving an acoustic signal to alert the cook. In addition, AMC sold the Atmosfera, the first mobile cooking plate that allowed gratinating and baking, in addition to conventional cooking.

Changing Eating Habits

More and more people were changing their eating habits and wanting to eat healthier. This took the organic boom to even wider sections of the populations.

Depite all the good intentions, working people in particular found it difficult to find time to cook fresh food.


New AMC Quick Cooker

Products such as the AMC Secuquick allowed working people to quickly and easily put delicious, healthy food on the table with suitable recipes. Due to its growing popularity, AMC offered  a further developed quick cooking lid under the name of „Secuquick softline“ with even two different cooking method to ensure best possible program for each ingredient.

M29 series expansion

From the Atmosfera 4000 mobile cooking plate and a wide variety o pots, to the Powervac vacuum pump – the M29 cooking system left nothing to be desired.

M30 series – new forms of cooking

Preparing lunch and dinner turned into a lifestyle. TV chefs showed culinary delights, cooking together became an event. Following the example of the professionals, viewers became increasingly interested in new forms of cooking such as steaming.


Fully automatic temperature and time control

AMC released the M30 Premium System in 2010, which gave cooks fully automatic temperature and time control. Already well-known, the Audiotherm, in combination with the Navigenio mobile cooking plate, made it possible to adjust the cooking temperature without the need for intervention. 


The series was complemented by other innovative product launches such as the EasyQuick steaming lid, the Hot Pan with structured bottom or the oPan brunch pan.

AMC Recipe Community

AMC also expanded its support for customers in the area of reicpes and developed additional cookbooks containing international dishes.


In 2016, AMC hit a mileston with the AMC Recipe Community, alowing cooking enthusiasts to access even more AMC recipes online, publish their own creations and exchange ideas.

M30s series – setting new standards

Smartphones and permanent Internet access have not only changed the world of entertainment and work, but also people’s appreciation of cooking. AMC introduced in 2021 the M30s smart cooking system with the «Cook & Go», the first fully connected app from AMC, make work easier and more fun in the kitchen.

Together with the M30s pots and pans and the Navigenio mobile cooking plate, the app is a self-contained system which gives cooks control of everything at all times.


Award Winning

AMC has received the Kitchen Innovation Award 2021 for its Premium Cooking System in the functionality, innovation, product benefit, design, and material quality criteria, as well as the Golden Award – Best of the Best in the small electrical appliances category.

Offering today what kitchens of tomorrow will require

With a combination of quality, functionality and technology, the versatile AMC Coocking System ensures that every recipe is guaranteed to succeed quickly and easily, while preserving vitamins, nutrients and flavor of fresh ingredients.


Their practical, energy-saving features as well as first-class durability make AMC products lifelong companions for anyone who enjoys simple, efficient cooking. 

This is how you cook today

The innovation of the AMC’s anniversary year offers cooking enthusiasts a whole new experience: Simply select a recipe and be guided step by step through the cooking process.

Use the AMC app «Cook & Go» which has been expanded by a wide range of recipes. Guided Cooking offers you everything from a single source and the perfect all-in-one cooking experience.


Award winning

AMC has received the Kitchen Innovation Award 2023 for its Guided Cooking App “Cook & Go” in the functionality, user-convenience, innovation, product benefit and design quality criteria.

Cook & Go

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