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Temperature- and time-controlled cooking with Navigenio and Audiotherm Plus

Use your time as you want! Whether you need more time for relaxation, the family or sports - AMC gives you these valuable moments!

With the AMC Premium cooking system, you can cook under time and temperature control thanks to Navigenio and Audiotherm Plus and prepare healthy and tasty meals while saving time.


Discover our Audiotherm Plus and its new features!

Start your cooking process in advance!

With our new Audiotherm Plus function “planned cooking”, you can plan and prepare your meals up to several hours in advance. Put all ingredients in the pot, place it on the Navigenio and define the time after which you wish the cooking process to be started in Audiotherm Plus. Thanks to temperature- and time-controlled cooking, your meals are ready when you are!

Which meals can you prepare with the Audiotherm Plus function “planned cooking”?

Planned cooking is perfect for dishes that can be prepared completely in advance in one pot, such as:

  • Stews with legumes
  • Cured and smoked meat, which can be stored without cooling
  • Frozen vegetables
  • Vegetables especially those with low prepared condition, e.g. whole cauliflower or green beans
  • Jacket potatoes
  • Dumplings with yeast
Heat up at 60°C

With Audiotherm Plus, you can gently heat up your meals at 60°C. Thanks to self-controlled cooking, you save energy and don't have to constantly stir your dishes. The heat-up method works best with Navigenio at level "A".

Discover additional possibilities of healthy and tasty cooking at 60°C with Audiotherm Plus:


With the Sous-Vide method, meat or fish is sealed in a vacuum bag and cooked slowly at a constant temperature in a water bath. Commercially available Sous-Vide appliances work at temperatures between 50 and 100 °C. The Audiotherm Plus enables simplified Sous-Vide cooking at 60°C.

The advantage of the Sous-Vide method: Vacuuming preserves the entire aroma in the food, making it taste particularly intense.


With Audiotherm Plus you can smoke meat and fish in the AMC pot! You heat up special wood chips in the pot and place meat or fish in the combination sieve insert on the pot, where they smoke at 60°C under temperature control and develop an incomparably smoky aroma.


Recipes with the Audiotherm Plus

Try our new Audiotherm Plus and get inspired by our delicious recipes!