Enjoy an AMC Live Cooking Experience

To fully understand the benefits of our system, you have to experience it for yourself! Become a host and enjoy a display of live cooking in your own home. Just follow the three steps:

1. Contact us

Call or contact us via the form to get the AMC Live Cooking Experience. An AMC consultant in your area will be in touch with you soon.

2. Invite guests

Invite your family and friends to be part of an event they will never forget.

3. Experience AMC

Cook simple and delicious dishes with your guests under the guidance of your AMC consultant. Experience food the AMC way. Have fun cooking, savor the taste and fall in love with AMC’s Premium Cooking System.

4. And enjoy your valuable AMC host gift!

Cook simple, delicious recipes and have fun

That’s what an AMC Live Cooking Experience is all about. Invite your family and friends and enjoy an unforgettable evening with them. Your AMC consultant will take you on a culinary journey, and share valuable tips and tricks on healthy and tasty cooking along the way. During the live cooking experience, your AMC consultant will assess your requirements and tailor the event to your needs. After all, we aim to provide you with the best possible service. Our AMC consultant will contact you at a later stage to give you a personalized product offer.

What's in it for you?

Become a host and

  • receive a valuable thank-you gift
  • experience cooking with AMC
  • get to know our products before making any purchase
  • receive a personal assessment tailored to your needs