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AMC Institute

Research & development

AMC and science work hand in hand. At the AMC Institute, the latest scientific knowledge is put in practice. Studies on nutritional science belong here just as much as ergonomic tests and product development.


We constantly collect the latest knowledge from the nutritional sciences and verify them. From this, we derive for our customers, nutritional and health tips of daily use.


The AMC Institute places value on the latest food trends and eating habits. For cookbooks, recipe brochures and our recipe world, new recipes including nutritional facts are continually developed. With practical tests, the suitability of theoretic knowledge in daily life is checked. What sounds interesting, should after all function as well. And above all: it should taste good!


Innovative and pioneering spirit ensures the development of exceptional product ranges topped by several patents and a 30-year guarantee.


Our design is sophisticated, exceptional and beautiful. Design, however, cannot be an end in itself: form follows function.