• Millions of customers
trust AMC.

    Millions of customers
    trust AMC.

AMC Group

An over 50-year success story

Take plenty of know-how, add longstanding experience, mix with innovative strength and pioneering spirit and then dedicate lovingly to the culture of healthy delight. This is the recipe for success that has made AMC the world market leader. And so we can look back at over 50 year experience and present you the best cooking system in the world.

The premium cooking system

The multi award winning AMC Premium System is an absolute blessing for heart and soul. Because firstly it makes healthy delight quick, easy and sure to succeed. And secondly, the AMC cooking methods – cooking without addition of water, frying without addition of fat, quick-cooking, baking, gratinating and even automatic-cooking – guarantee gentle handling of foodstuff and high nutritional value of food. And by the way: AMC is the best proof that healthy delight tastes simply delicious.

It is important to us, to personally inform, counsel and thereby meet the wishes of our customers. Direct sales ensure the best conditions. It is not only the customers who profit by the advantages of direct sales. AMC offers its employees a multi-faceted job with flexible time management as well as attractive income and career opportunities.

Top-notch consultation - worldwide
We have our own marketing company and production centres in over 30 countries across 5 continents. More important and above all, more delightful to us is that, globally, over 15 million customers and 18,000 employees trust in the quality of AMC. Discover for yourself the fascinating culture of healthy taste – be it as customer or as employee.