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Quick cooking lid Secuquick softline turns every 20 cm pot into a pressure cooker

With the quick cooking lid Secuquick softline, you can quickly cook "healthy” fast food. Delicious dishes such as beef goulash or risotto can be ready in no time. The quick cooking lid Secuquick softline offers two cooking methods: Soft and Turbo. You can quickly prepare your food according to your needs.


  • Save up to 50% energy and up to 70% cooking time
  • Optimal, precise and gentle preparation thanks to the Soft and Turbo cooking methods
  • Transforms every 20 cm diameter AMC pot into a pressure cooker

Product description

With the quick cooking lid Secuquick softline you can prepare “healthy” fast food in no time at all. With pressure cooking you save time and energy. In addition, you save vitamins, minerals, nutrients and flavourings of your ingredients.

The two quick cooking methods operate in two different temperature ranges: Soft and Turbo. Soft is suitable for a gentle preparation of dishes such as jacket potatoes, rice or pasta dishes. Turbo is ideal for hearty dishes such as stews, legumes or meat.

The temperature indicator Visiotherm gives you full control over the cooking process. You always know what is going on even without opening the lid.

Together with the acoustic control Audiotherm and the mobile cooking plate Navigenio you can use the Secuquick optimally. Dishes such as beef goulash and risotto go without saying. This turns fast food into healthy enjoyment.


Squid with potatoes
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Goulash and potato stew
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Risotto with porcini mushrooms
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