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Oval Grill

The newest member of the AMC Grill Family gives you boundless barbeque fun all year round. It works if you use our Navigenio as a mobile hotplate so you can use it indoors, outdoors and basically everywhere you go. With the new AMC Oval Grill you can grill meat, fish, vegetables and all your favourite BBQ recipes in a tasty and healthy way. And surprisingly, you can even bake a delicious cake.

The shape
While the oval shape gives you a big area for roasting, the flat rim makes it easy to flip the food. Best of all: The Oval Grill works on Navigenio!
The base
The pyramid structure base comes with a satin finish and provides the best barbeque results.
The lid
Thanks to the high dome lid, you can easily grill large pieces of food at once – like spareribs or a whole chicken.


The oPan convinces with the special o-patterned surface for roasting. The oPan Body is made of highly polished premium stainless steel and it has a large cooking surface. Through its flat and elegant design the oPan is the optimal non-stick property without coating.



Automatic steaming with the EasyQuick and experiencing true taste! The advantages at a glance:

  • It fits pots and pans with 20 and 24 cm diameter
  • Cooking quickly and gently: up to 50 % time saving
  • Lid can be opened at any time to add spices or to taste
The EasyQuick lid fits two pot diameters: 20 and 24 cm, simply use the corresponding sealing ring.
The EasyQuick enables a new cooking method – it’s called: Super Steaming. The super steaming always takes place in the optimum temperature zone between 97 – 99° C, so that your food is prepared quickly but gently.

Apart from the new steam window, there is also the conventional roasting window, for roasting without addition of fat.
Through the radio contact between Navigenio and Audiotherm, the temperature is always monitored and retained in the optimum steam zone. Thus you can prepare your food quickly and gently.


Softiera inserts

For combination cooking with Secuquick.

The sieve cooking unit

Navigenio – automatic cooking, gratinating & baking

The Navigenio is the universal genius in your kitchen, be it as mobile hotplate for kitchen or balcony or as the smallest baking oven in the world for pizza or tarte flambée. Together with the Audiotherm, you can cook even fully automatic with the Navigenio.

Navigenio – automatic cooking, gratinating & baking
With its overhead function it makes the smallest and most energy saving baking oven in the world: baking and gratinating without a hitch, irrespective of whether it is toast, a whole chicken, pizza or cake.
Navigenio – automatic cooking, gratinating & baking
The Audiotherm is your co-pilot in the kitchen and conveys the temperature indication of the Visiotherm audibly. Together with the Audiotherm, the Navigenio controls the entire cooking process fully automatically.

Secuquick – quick cooking

Cooking quickly, healthy and absolutely delicious – with the quick-cook lid Secuquick! Together with all pots with 20 and 24 cm diameter, the Secuquick makes a quick-cooking pot. Quick-cooking saves time and energy and at the same time preserves vitamins, minerals, nutrients and flavours. Together with the Audiotherm and the Navigenio, you can automatically quick-cook, while you lay back and relax. Hereby, quick cuisine becomes healthy delight.

Secuquick – quick cooking
The quick-cook lid Secuquick (20 cm and 24 cm), in combination with all pots of suitable diameter makes a safe quick-cook pot.
Secuquick – quick cooking
Quick-cooking works in 2 ranges of temperature: select Soft-quick cooking for everything that requires mild heat, i.e. for jacket potatoes, rice, noodles and frozen vegetables. For more robust cooking like stewed dishes, stews, pulses and meat, select Turbo-quick cooking.
Secuquick – quick cooking
Through the radio contact between Audiotherm and Navigenio, fully automatic quick-cooking is possible with the Secuquick. Quite conveniently and easily.
Secuquick – quick cooking
This is the Audiotherm. It is your co-pilot in the kitchen and conveys the temperature indication of the Visiotherm audibly. Through the radio contact between Audiotherm and Navigenio, fully automatic quick cooking is possible with the Secuquick. Quite conveniently and easily.

Professional knife series Pure1

Simply sharp. Simply cut. Simply beautiful. The AMC professional knife series consists of 5 different knives. Together with them, comes a cleaning cloth, a sharpener and a block in which the knives can be stored safely and clean.

Best Product 2013 / KitchenInnovation 2014 / reddot Design Award 2014
Professional knife series Pure1
The blade – simply sharp: The special alloy and the perfect cutting angle of 30° ensure long-lasting cutting performance. A Pure1 knife is sharp and stays sharp.
Professional knife series Pure1
The titanium coating – simply cut: the exclusive titanium coating ensures that the blade glides easily through any food. Thanks to the lotus effect, nothing clings.
Professional knife series Pure1
Form follows function – simply beautiful: an elegant shape, optimum balance and a handle that lies securely in the hand ensure a perfect cutting experience without tired arms.

Carving knife – simply flexible

It is the sharpest semi-flexible knife and suited particularly well for carving, filleting, boning & parrying.

Santoku knife – simply special

The Japanese term “Santoku” (English: 3 virtues) indicates its good characteristics while cutting meat, fish and vegetables.

Universal knife – simply creative

The little creative knife for versatile usage: peeling, cutting and filleting fruit and vegetables.

Pure1 Block – simply stored

In it, your knives are beautifully, safely and cleanly stored without damaging the blades.

Pure1 Sharp – simply sharpened

The diamond sharpener for easy and safe sharpening of the Pure1 knives.