Experiencing a cooking party

To your taste! Together with the AMC consultant and your guests, you get to prepare simple and delicious dishes and thereby test the premium and exceptional AMC products. After the cooking, you can have a feast! As accompaniment, we serve you valuable tips and tricks all about healthy and simple cooking. Become a host/hostess now and spend lovely and above all, delightful hours with your guests.

Benefits of hosts & hostesses

We cook for you in good company

The AMC consultant cooks for you and your guests – and you help him with it. We can bet that cooking with AMC tastes better. Become a host/hostess and see for yourself!

Knowing & testing AMC products

Cooking healthy, simple and tasty – and if desired, even fully automatic. While you cook with the AMC chef, test our products practically. In this way, you will learn how versatile and simple they are to use. You will love it!

Valuable tips for a healthy diet

A healthy and tasty diet is important to you, right? To us too! In our institute, the latest knowledge from the nutritional sciences are collected, verified and processed. They flow into the development of our products and in the recipes and are given to you directly as valuable cooking and nutrition tips.

A fantastic gift for the host or hostess

A special surprise – you have earned it as a thank-you for your hospitality.

Personal & individual counselling

Our products are versatile and multifaceted – they cover all cooking requirements. Let us together cook and then compile a set of our products that would suit your household size, your kind of cooking and your cooking habits perfectly!

Inviting guests

Spending a delightful evening together. Cooking together, trying out delicious recipes, having fun and enjoying – that’s what an AMC cooking party is all about. Invite your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and acquaintances and let them take part in this culinary event. In addition, the AMC chef pampers you with valuable tips and tricks on healthy and delightful cooking. We would, of course, love to help you with the invitations and preparation.

Every host and every hostess will receive from us a lovely gift as a thank-you.

  • Contact - make appointment

    Contact - make appointment

    Step 1

    It is quite simple – a call or filling up the form given below will suffice. An AMC consultant will con-tact you immediately to fix an appointment for your personal cooking party.

  • Inviting guests

    Inviting guests

    Step 2

    Invite your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and acquaintances as well. Together, you shall spend a delightful evening.
  • Cooking - trying - enjoying - benefiting

    Cooking - trying - enjoying - benefiting

    Step 3

    Together with the AMC consultant, you will cook healthy and tasty dishes and get to know the innovative AMC products. After the cooking, you may have a feast and furthermore learn valuable tips and tricks about a healthy lifestyle. Your AMC consulant will assess your requirement and suggest a suitable AMC set for your family.