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Creative recipes for every occasion

By combining our nutrition, innovation and product knowhow with the latest food trends and eating habits, we are able to create modern, delicious recipes you can cook any day of the week. All our recipes are first developed and refined at our cutting-edge AMC Institute.

From your grandmother’s classic dishes to the latest food trends

We place great importance on creating recipes that you can cook quickly and easily using our products, and above all taste great!


Our range of recipes is vast – and constantly growing. It includes everything from timeless classics to the latest innovations, from recipes that will transport you back to your childhood to extravagant dishes that will surprise and delight you.


Our extensive collection of AMC recipes is available in several formats, including:

  • Online AMC Recipe Community
  • Cookbooks
  • Product manuals
  • Recipe brochures

A world of flavors

The fact that our products are popular all over the world naturally means we have a global outlook, which is of course reflected in our recipes. Our broad variety of recipes feature an amazing array of flavors and ideas from all parts of the globe, and each one has been developed and tested by our experts at the AMC Institute.