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El sistema de cocción inteligente de AMC

Time and temperature are key

Our pots and pans are the heart of the AMC Premium Cooking System. Thanks to the unique AMC Cooking Methods, you can set the perfect temperature for each ingredient and ensure optimal cooking time.

How the AMC Premium Cooking System works

How the AMC Premium Cooking System works

The AMC Premium Cooking System is based on a closed air circulation system that operates between the base of the pot, the cold wall zone and the lid.


There are four steps involved:

  1. The water vapor rises up
  2. It cools down on the lid
  3. It drips back down from the lid
  4. The vapor is heated up again

This system eliminates the need for additional water and ensures food is cooked at temperatures that never exceed 100°C. Important nutritional values are retained, as well as superior taste is guaranteed.

Cooking is all about getting the temperature right

Cooking is all about getting the temperature right

Food is often cooked at too high a temperature. With AMC, you can be sure of cooking at the perfect temperature, every time.


How? With four simple yet ingenious components:

  • Visiotherm: an innovative temperature indicator that shows you the exact temperature inside the pot.
  • Sensotherm: a thermometer that constantly measures the temperature inside the pot.
  • Akkutherm: an energy-saving capsule base designed to achieve perfect heat retention and distribution.
  • Audiotherm: an acoustic control that beeps when the temperature should be adjusted and to indicate that cooking is complete.

Et voilà: Cooking the perfect dish has never been easier.

Self-controlled cooking

By combining our acoustic control “Audiotherm” with our mobile cooking plate “Navigenio”, we guarantee your pot will be at exactly the right temperature for just the right amount of time.


When the heat needs adjusting, “Audiotherm” communicates with “Navigenio” to do just that. Once the time is up, “Navigenio” will automatically switch over to its ‘keep warm’ function. And “Audiotherm” will even beep to let you know when the food is ready, so you can spend your time doing something productive rather than simply waiting.


All you have to do is switch it on and our innovative system will do the rest. We call it AMC self-controlled cooking. You’ll be too busy enjoying your meal to call it anything.