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Pasta-zucchini salad with sheep’s milk cheese dressing

30 min 3 min
Low cholesterol


  1. Clean zucchini and cut into sticks that are about the same size as the pasta.
  2. Heat Arondo Griddle at highest level up to frying window. Switch off hotplate, fry zucchini approx. 3 minutes, flipping occasionally. Take out, season with salt and pepper.
  3. Cook penne al dente in salt water according to instructions on the packet. Halve cherry tomatoes and mix with drained pasta and zucchini in a Lasagnera.
  4. Purée Feta with vegetable stock, lemon juice and olive oil. Season well with pepper and paprika powder, spread over the salad ingredients.


Nutritional values per portion: 415 kcal

Products used

  • Pot 24 cm, 3.5 l
  • Grill pan 28 cm, 1.6 l «Arondo Grill»

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