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Chicken wings with orange-honey marinade

30 min 20 min


  1. Squeeze orange, mix juice with oil, honey, soya sauce and approx. 1/2 tsp. salt. Pluck tarragon leaves, chop finely and place with chicken wings into the marinade. Marinate covered approx. 2 hours.
  2. Heat a pot on the Navigenio at level 6 up to frying window. Drain the wings a little, switch off Navigenio and place with the skin side facing upwards.
  3. Place lid and fry until turning point of 90°C is reached. Remove lid, place pot in the inverted lid and place Navigenio overhead on it. Fry at low level until crisp and brown approx. 20 minutes depending on size of wings.
  4. Serve seasoned with salt and pepper.

Nutritional values per piece: 220 kcal

Products used

  • Mobile cooking plate "Navigenio"
  • Pot 24 cm, 3.5 l

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