HotPan Prime

Lighter. Better. Easier.

The new HotPan Prime lighter, better, easier and delivers the ultimate cooking experience. The AMC removable handle is ergonomically designed to provide the stability of a non-removable handle while simultaneously allowing space saving storage and easy cleaning in the dishwasher. Due to optimized weight of pan and lid, the HotPan Prime offers easy and comfortable handling. The perfect temperature-controlled cooking and highly polished structured base guarantee the best results for a high variety of recipes: fatless roasting, stir-frying, deep frying, flambéing and even baking with AMC Navigenio. Lasting for decades, HotPan Prime is the perfect addition to every kitchen.

Temperature-controlled cooking with lid

  • Roasting without added fat
  • Cooking without added water
  • Gentle and crispy deep frying without splattering of fat
  • Always the right temperature
Best non-stick property without a coating

  • Structured base to optimize roasting results
  • Highly polished premium stainless steel
  • Easy flipping and perfect browning
  • Healthy and safe to use
The HotPan Prime rim

Gently rounded higher wall for:

  • flexible roasting
  • delicious sauces
  • exciting deep-fried dishes
  • stir-fried dishes
  • baking with Navigenio
  • flambé
Lighter than ever

  • Optimized pan and lid weight
  • Easy and more comfortable to handle
Easy cleaning

  • No dirty corners
  • Guarantees optimum hygiene
  • Dishwasher-safe
The AMC Akkutherm encapsulated base

  • Fast and optimum heat conduction
  • Good and even heat distribution
  • The encapsulated base and body of the pan are permanently and seamlessly attached to one another due to a special press-welding process developed by AMC
  • Suitable for all stoves (e.g. gas, electric, induction)
  • Saves a lot of energy
The first AMC removable handle

  • The most stable and safely removable handle on the market
  • Space-saving storage
  • Tested ergonomic handling
  • Patented locking system
  • Easy-to-clean in the dishwasher
  • Ergonomic design
The HotPan Prime warranty

  • The HotPan Prime will last for decades - we give a 30 year warranty for the pan and a 2 year warranty for the handle
  • The AMC warranty applies for manufacturing defects, not for damage due to improper use.
  • Kind for your wallet and the environment

Flexible and versatile cooking

The HotPan Prime is the ideal pan to prepare a wide range of recipes quickly and easily – delicious dishes that brighten up your day! Surf around the recipe section and let yourself get inspired by many culinary delights!

Fatless roasting

Fatless roasting

Save calories and enjoy real flavours!

Deep frying

Deep frying

Always below any oil smoking points!



Paella, veggies, potatoes or rice dishes, everything succeeds.

Self-controlled cooking

Self-controlled cooking

Perfect for All-in-One dishes!




Baking & Gratinating

Baking & Gratinating

With Navigenio



Special flavour for meat and fruit desserts!

The new HotPan Prime

HotPan Prime 20 cm

Ideal for roasting and deep-frying for 1-2 persons as well as for roasting onions, nuts and baking with the Navigenio.

HotPan Prime 24 cm

Ideal for roasting meat and fish, for deep-frying and stir-frying for 2-3 people. Great for baking small sweet and savory cakes with the Navigenio.

HotPan Prime 28 cm

Ideal for roasting, deep-frying and for stir-frying for 4-6 people. As well for flambéing and for pasta dishes.

Care and Cleaning

You should clean your new HotPan Prime before initial use, to remove any residual polish dust or foreign bodies. Do not allow any food residues to dry. After use, immediately fill the HotPan with water and clean with Clean1 Magic Foam or Stone. 


The HotPan Prime is suitable for the dishwasher. However, cleaning by hand with AMC Clean1 is always preferable and will help to protect the surface.


Remove the handle. Place the HotPan body in the dishwasher like a pot or soup plate and place the handle in the cutlery basket with the open part facing downwards, so that the water can run off.


The AMC removable handle is a very valuable element, designed to perfectly complement our range of pans. To preserve its quality appearance, high functionality and to avoid accidental misuse, we recommend storage in the provided storage compartments. Avoid dropping as well contact with sharp objects. If you take care and handle it proper you can ensure a prolonged durability.