• Halloween tarte flambée

    Halloween tarte flambée

2 min 30 min


  1. Divide pizza dough into six portions and roll out into round dough discs with a diameter of approximately 22 cm. Mix crème fraîche and almond butter together. Wash plums, deseed and cut into strips.
  2. Using the Audiotherm, heat pot on Navigenio at level 6 up to the roasting window. Place the first dough disc in the pot, smear with a little crème fraîche-almond mass and place a few plum strips on it.
  3. Set pot in the inverted lid, place inverted Navigenio on it and bake at high level approximately 2 minutes. Then decorate with the garnish as desired and take out the tarte flambée of the pot.
  4. Set pot again at level 6 on the Navigenio, place the second dough disc inside and layer it in the same way. Set pot in the inverted lid again and bake at high level approximately 2 minutes.
  5. Process the remaining tarte flambées in the same way, setting the pot always for layering on the Navigenio at level 6 and bake with high level with Navigenio upside down. Increase the baking time a little after the third tarte flambée.