• Creamy chicken curry

    Creamy chicken curry

25 min 10 min
Vitamin rich


  1. Cut chicken breast in approx. 2 cm large cubes, clean spring onions and cut in fine rings, peel carrots and cut in 0.5 cm broad slices and press lemon grass lightly.
  2. Fit EasyQuick with sealing ring 20 cm on pot 20 cm 4.0 l and place on Navigenio. Heat pot at level 6 up to frying window using Audiotherm. Add diced chicken breast and fry at level 2. Add spring onions and carrot slices and fry along. Deglaze with coconut milk, add curry paste and lemon grass. Close with EasyQuick and set Navigenio at Automatic “A”, enter 10 minutes cooking time on the Audiotherm, fit and turn until the steam symbol appears.
  3. In the meantime peel the mango, free from the stone and cut it into cubes. At the end of cooking time, add mango cubes, season with salt and pepper and serve.


Nutritional values per portion: 480 kcal