Clean1 Cleaning & maintenance

Clean1 – easy cleaning and maintenance of your AMC products and ALL that is important to you

The Clean1 set consists of two different cleaners and a microfiber sponge cloth. With daily Clean1-maintenance, your AMC products, bathroom, kitchen and car will stay well-maintained and radiantly shiny always. Natural ingredients like micro-fine marble powder, chalk as well as polishing alumina remove stubborn dirt. Both cleaners also contain aloe vera and are therefore especially gentle and 100 % natural as well as bio-degradable.

Magic Foam – the shine-wonder

It cleans gently and effectively. Calcium, albumen and starch stains as well as surface discolouration are effortlessly removed. Thanks to the spray pump, it can dispensed well and used very economically.


Magic Stone – the tough cleaning stone

This highly concentrated cleaning paste removes the toughest dirt swiftly and easily and thereby seals the surfaces.


Magic Pad – the antibacterial microfiber cloth

With its 2700 km spun yarn and the woven antibacterial silver threads, the Magic Pad is extremely absorbent. It polishes and prevents unpleasant odours and bacteria.