• Your opportunities   
with AMC.

    Your opportunities
    with AMC.

Benefits & rewards

Tender and juicy meat, crisp and delicious vegetables or a sweet piece of cake: to have a plate full of lip-smacking delight, careful preparation is essential. This is where you come in. You shall explain our products in regard to cooking, eating and enjoying, along with helpful tips on health and nutrition. Your top-notch counselling makes our offer complete, giving it a personal and individual touch and whets the appetite of our guests for more. Let your opportunities at AMC whet your appetite as well.

Exciting & multifaceted

As AMC consultant, an exciting and multifaceted job with flexible time management and attractive remuneration awaits you. Moreover, you shall receive for your performance, recognition and motivation through impressive tours and other attractive incentives.

Experience & know-how will take you places

You can count on the know-how and experience through our 50-year international success stories. The entire AMC Team is at hand to lend you advice and active support at all times. At AMC you can begin financially independent: whenever you wish.

Working independently

You are your own boss – without risks and without investments like in network marketing. You alone decide when and how much you work, how you want to divide your working time and free time. In this way, you can organise your private and work life without a hitch.

Part-time occupation or career

Whether you want to work part-time, earning something with a meaningful and fulfilling job or you want to start a proper career – it is totally up to you. Depending on your domestic situation as well as your needs and desires, you can decide how much time you want to invest. What’s important is that it is right for you and that you find the job enjoyable.

Decide the income yourself

How much will you earn? That is totally dependent on you, because, with your input and commitment, you alone decide your (additional) income. Be it simply to become financially independent or to be able to fulfil a long cherished wish. The opportunities are the same for all, irrespective of sex, age or career development.