• HOMEMADE-stamp-biscuits


20 min 3 min


  1. Make dough with all the ingredients swiftly.
  2. On a lightly floured surface, halve the dough and form rolls with a diameter of approx. 5 cm each.
  3. Cut rolls in 1 cm broad pieces and press each piece with a floured stamp lightly - “stamp” it.
  4. Cut out baking paper with the help of a lid of a pot 24 cm 3.5 l.
  5. Place baking paper in the cold pot, place biscuits on it with the help of a palette knife or dough scraper and heat on the Navigenio at level 3 up to the vegetable window. Flip biscuits and fry completely approx. 1 minute until the vegetable window is reached again.
  6. Bake remaining biscuits in a second batch in the same way. Just use instead of the vegetable window the turning point 90 °C to flip the biscuits.