• The secret of your culinary art.

    The secret of your culinary art.

Cooking with AMC

Cooking is more than just preparing meals. For many, cooking is a passion through which one coddles family and friends and cherishes relationships. For those who want to celebrate this passion, only the finest ingredients will do. And this begins with the right cookware– from AMC. With its superior quality, exceptional design and versatility, AMC cookware is suitable for all kinds of stoves, is easy to maintain and clean. Cooking with AMC is a sheer delight and joy: because it is simple and every dish turns out just perfect.

Excellent: Everything Works

Three perfectly aligned elements built into the pot, ensure that every dish turns out perfect. You have everything that happens in the pot under control at all times. Food is prepared under optimum temperature – ensures maximum retention of nutrients. How does that work? – It's simple: the Akkutherm-base enables quick absorption and distribution of heat. The thermometer, the Sensotherm measures the heat inside the pot. And the temperature indicator, the Visiotherm, indicates this precisely at all times.

Healthy & delightful cooking

Health & delight all under one lid – thanks to the AMC cooking methods: cooking food with zero oil and cooking vegetables without adding water. By cooking without adding water, vitamins, minerals and flavours are retained much better than by conventional cooking. Zero oil cooking with AMC helps you to avoid unwanted calories every day. If you thought a healthier diet meant less taste, think again: AMC makes healthy cooking an irresistible delight!