• Aesthetic. Adorable. Affordable. 
essentia by AMC

    Aesthetic. Adorable. Affordable.
    essentia by AMC

  • Deep Wok 
essentia by AMC

    Deep Wok
    essentia by AMC

Deep Wok essentia by AMC

A way of cooking that involves all your senses!

The Deep Wok is a perfect example where elegance meets value for money.
Now get a first-hand experience of AMC quality and unique cooking method
with this 24 cm Deep Wok essentia by AMC!

See & feel it – High quality stainless steel Wok
  • Cook and eat healthily
  • Easy to use, to clean & to maintain
  • Reliable
Taste & smell it – Zero oil & waterless cooking
  • Vegetables are prepared waterless:
    taste the natural flavour & benefit from the preserved vitamins
  • Prepare meat with zero oil:
    smell and taste your juicy steak without additional calories!
Experience AMC's product durability – 30 years guarantee
  • Enjoy your Deep Wok essentia by AMC for a lifetime
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Compatible with all types of stove
Environment friendly
  • Reduce oil, time and energy consumption which protects the environment
  • Long life of products reduces wastage 
Wallet friendly
  • Benefit from saving time, oil and energy 
  • Get value for money 

Deep Wok product details

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Deep Wok product details
Elegant and ergonomic handles with a ceramic inlay “thermo bloc” in them, which ensures that the handle stays cool always. The “grip-friendly” distance to the pot makes it possible to hold conveniently.
Deep Wok product details
Precise workmanship of the lid guarantees shutting of pot while cooking. It enables closed circulation of the water vapor. The beautiful black knob adds to the elegance of the Wok. It makes the lid easy to handle.
Deep Wok product details
High quality premium stainless steel that guarantees optimum hygiene and is dishwasher-safe. It absorbs lesser heat than the base. Thus a temperature gradient is formed that makes the side walls a cooling down zone for the rising vapor.
Deep Wok product details
The Akkutherm Capsule Base absorbs the smallest amounts of heat and passes on steadily to the food being cooked. Capsule base and body of pot are seamlessly linked.

Improve your life. Upgrade to AMC Premium

We invite you to discover the complete AMC world of healthy & tasty cooking.

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  • Unique temperature monitored and controlled cooking
  • Multi cooking 
  • Wide choice of pots and pans
  • Pressure cooking 
  • And much more 

Eat better. Live Better. You cannot buy health but you can invest in it.