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Achieve unique flavors, retain more vitamins and nutrients, save a lot of time and even cook in a more energy-efficient way: all of this is so much easier than you’d think.


Temperature-controlled cooking with AMC offers the perfect solution for all ingredients and dishes. In addition to the right cooking system, different ingredients also require the right cooking method. Not only does this ensure your meals turn out well, but also makes it easy to coax out the best flavors while generally conserving more vitamins.


Discover now the AMC cooking methods and learn about the benefits of cooking with AMC.

Roasting with no added fat

This cooking method is particularly well suited to roasting various kinds of meat, but also for thin flatbreads or vegetables. This method allows meat to be roasted and turned at the optimal roasting temperature and at the perfect moment. And all without adding any fat.


Advantage: You can avoid overheating fats and reduce the formation of harmful substances.

Cooking with no added water

This cooking method is particularly well suited to cooking various vegetables and potatoes. This method involves gently cooking ingredients (mainly vegetables or fruits) in their own liquid and condensation only, at a temperature of around 80 – 98 °C.


Advantage: This gentle preparation technique retains delicate vitamins, minerals and bioactive plant substances, allowing them to reach their full potential.

Steaming with EasyQuick

This cooking method is particularly well suited to steaming fish dishes, vegetables, dumplings and much more. Any dish that works well in a steamer is also suitable for steaming with the EasyQuick. This method gently cooks the food over steam, at 97 – 99 °C.


Advantage: Uses less energy and also heats up more quickly than conventional steamers, as the cooking area is much smaller

Soft and Turbo quick cooking with Secuquick softline

This cooking method is particularly well suited to dishes that need to be cooked for a long time, such as braised meat, stews, broths, legumes and frozen vegetables, as well as pasta and risotto. This method cooks the ingredients at temperatures of over 100 °C.


Advantage: The higher temperature makes preparation faster than with conventional methods.

Baking and gratinating with Navigenio

This cooking method is particularly well suited to baking pizzas, cakes and breads, as well as for gratinating vegetables or casseroles. The gratinating function can even be used to prepare meat dishes with crusts.


Advantage: Baking and gratinating with Navigenio is practical, easy to handle and above all energy-efficient.

Open Roasting

This cooking method is particularly well suited for quick meals and snacks with short roasting times, such as egg dishes or flatbread. With this method, the perfect roasting temperature is controlled not with the Visiotherm, but rather with the addition of a droplet of water. Here, again, once the perfect roasting temperature has been reached, the dish is easy to prepare. Roasting usually takes so little time that you can “eyeball” the turning point.


Advantage: Easy, uncomplicated way to prepare food


This cooking method is particularly well suited for deep-frying/baking classic deep-fried dishes such as French fries, chicken nuggets or sweet yeasted doughnuts. With this method, the temperature of the frying oil is controlled with the Visiotherm. This ensures that the optimal starting temperature for frying will be reached.


Advantage: Thanks to the temperature control, the oil will not overheat. This means that no harmful acrylamide or acrolein will be produced.

60 ° function

This cooking method is particularly suitable for warming up, but also for hot-smoking food or sous-vide cooking at 60 °C. This method only works if Navigenio and Audiotherm are used together. Here, the inside of the pot is slowly heated to 60 °C and the temperature is kept stable.


Advantage: Gentle heating/warming up of food

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