• Your opportunities  
with AMC.

    Your opportunities
    with AMC.


What are the requirements that I must meet to become an AMC consultant?

Success at AMC does not depend either on special school education or a particular professional or personal past record. Everyone gets the same opportunity. The important thing is taking delight in innovative products to do with cooking, eating and enjoying, making new contacts and a readiness for action.

Is the training/initiation chargeable?

No. The initiation, trainings and the practical induction are free of charge for you.

How and where would I find hosts/hostesses for the AMC parties?

The AMC products are all about healthy cooking, eating and meant for daily usage. Therefore of interest to everyone. You can initially approach people around you like friends, acquaintances, colleagues and neighbours. At your cooking party you will meet more people whom you can approach to see if they would like to be AMC hosts. Don’t worry AMC offers free of cost training on all aspects of the business.

I am a home maker and am looking for a job where I can work flexibly and irregularly – is AMC consultant suitable for that?

AMC Consultant is the ideal job for a Home maker or anyone looking for flexible job. As AMC consultant you can arrange your time as you wish. You can yourself decide the time and the days you want to work on. Your income is directly related to your effort.

Is there a minimum no. of AMC parties that I need to conduct per week/month?

No. You can decide for yourself, how often and when you want to have the cooking parties. The more AMC parties you have, the more money you can earn.

How much can I earn as AMC consultant?

That depends entirely on your personal effort. Whoever has one or two cooking parties per month would obviously earn lesser than someone with 20 cooking parties per month. You can have questions on your personal earning opportunities clarified with an AMC consultant in your regional office.

AMC provides up to 19% commissions to its partners along with lucrative incentives, excellent career growth, qualification for National and International Events.