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45 min 20 min
Fibre rich Low cholesterol


  1. Peel onion and ginger and dice finely, clean chilli pepper and chop finely.
  2. Take onion in a small pot. Place lid and heat at highest level up to frying window. Remove lid, lightly sauté ginger, chilli pepper and rice and add stock. Cook at low level approx. 20 minutes, then let cool.
  3. Rinse kidney beans in a colander with hot water. Peel cucumber, cut in half lengthwise, deseed and cut in slices. Pluck coriander leaves and cut finely.
  4. Mix everything with the rice in a Lasagnera. Wash lime in hot water, grate a little peel and extract juice. Mix with olive oil, salt, pepper to make a marinade and fold into the salad ingredients. Chop pecan nuts coarsely and sprinkle over the salad to serve.


Tip: Pecan nuts are similar to walnuts, are however longer and have a sweeter taste. If you do not get pecan nuts, you can use walnuts.

Nutritional values per portion: 490 kcal

Products used

  • Pot 16 cm, 1.3 l

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