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Cooking sets designed for you

We know that everybody is different; each person has unique desires, goals and expectations. That’s why the high quality pots and pans that make up the AMC Premium Cooking System are available in a range of customizable sets, so you can choose the perfect combination for you.


Each set enables you to fully experience AMC’s award-winning cooking methods, so you can enjoy healthy and tasty meals, every time.


A cooking set is the ideal entry point into the AMC world. Any set can be extended as required with additional AMC premium products. Everything can be combined with other AMC products. The choice is truly yours.


No matter the size of your household or your exact cooking needs, we help you find the optimum combination for you.

Products that will transform your lifestyle

Our pots and pans are designed to meet your needs. Made using high quality stainless steel, featuring an exceptional, modern design and endlessly versatile, they offer great value for chefs of all types.


Just some of the reasons why AMC is the right choice for you

  1. Healthy cooking without compromising on taste will transform your lifestyle.
  2. Our unique temperature and time-controlled cooking methods guarantee success in the kitchen – every time.
  3. Save time and energy thanks to the AMC Premium Cooking System’s innovative technology.
  4. Our pots and pans are made from long-lasting, high quality stainless steel, so you can enjoy them for a lifetime.

A lifetime of pleasure

All our products combine high quality, innovative technology with an exceptional, modern design. Our long-lasting stainless steel products come with a warranty of up to 30 years – that’s how much faith we have in them.


Always at your service

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