Power-food pyramid



Fit with delight! Whoever eats healthy and balanced, clearly feels better! This power-food pyramid offers an overview of the food groups that are important for a healthy and balanced diet. The individual levels indicate in which ratio the particular food type is to be consumed. The lower the level in which the food is listed, the more it should be consumed. Along with a balanced diet, regular exercise is very important.


Frequently, spread throughout the day: drinks

Drink 1-2 litres of liquid each day, preferably unsweetened drinks, such as mineral water or fruit and herbal teas.

Several times a day in various colours: vegetables and fruit

Eat 3 portions a day (= 120 g or simply a handful) of vegetables. Eat fruit twice a day. A portion is around 120 g or one handful. One portion of fruit or vegetables can be replaced by unsweetened fruit or vegetable juice (200 ml).

At each main meal (3 times a day): cereal products, wholemeal products, pulses and potatoes

One portion could be, say, 100 g of bread, 80 g (raw) of lentils or chickpeas, around 250 g of potatoes or 75 g (raw) rice, pasta, corn or flakes. Prefer wholemeal products.

Enough every day: milk, dairy products, meat, fish and eggs

Each day, alternate between meat, fish, eggs or cheese plus 3 portions of milk or dairy products, such as yoghurt or curd cheese. Or try other sources of protein, such as tofu. Prefer low-fat products.

Daily in moderation: oils, fats and nuts

Every day, use high-value vegetable oils, such as olive oil for cold dishes and to drizzle over hot food. Use a little solid fat, such as butter, to spread on bread. Don‘t forget nuts.

In moderation with enjoyment: sweet treats, salty snacks and high-energy drinks

Enjoy this group of foods in moderation. The same applies to alcoholic drinks.