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AMC’s unique cooking methods will transform the way you think about food

When you cook with AMC, you’re not just preparing a meal – you’re revolutionizing your lifestyle.


Our products:

  • Preserve more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than traditional methods
  • Produce food with fewer calories – without compromising on taste
  • Save time and energy
  • Guarantee your recipe will be cooked to perfection

What makes AMC so different?

It’s simple really. Every ingredient is cooked at the perfect temperature and for the optimal time. That’s why AMC’s premium recipes really do guarantee success – every time.


AMC’s method of cooking vegetables with no added water preserves up to 50% more vitamins than traditional techniques. Perfect temperature control protects vitamins and nutrients and preserves each ingredient’s natural taste.


We have developed a range of unique cooking methods that cook each ingredient perfectly, while preserving its nutritional value and taste. Here’s how it works:­

  • ­Cooking vegetables with no added water retains up to 50% more vitamins, while enhancing their natural taste.
  • Roasting with no added fat results in up to 50% fewer calories and flavors that have to be experienced to be believed.
  • Gentle steaming below 100°C brings out vegetables’ natural aroma and reduces salt levels.
  • Healthy, quick cooking using customized programs saves time and energy.

More nutritional value and greater flavors

Our expertise has been developed over many years, and we know that gently cooking vegetables below 100°C develops a superior aroma while reducing the amount of added salt.


AMC’s smart system means you can cook several different vegetables together in the same pot, yet each ingredient will keep its original aroma and flavor.


Scientific studies prove that vegetables cooked with AMC contain more nutritional values compared with traditional methods:

  • Carrots contain 4x more magnesium
  • Zucchini have 4x more potassium and almost 50% more bioactive plant ingredients
  • Spinach (frozen) retains 3x more vitamin B
  • Potatoes contain 50% more provitamin A
  • Fennel retains almost 4x more bioactive plant substances

Fewer calories, better taste

AMC’s cooking method of roasting with no added fat guarantees perfect roasted meats thanks to intelligent temperature control, which eliminates the need to add extra fat.


Healthier meats with a natural flavor

Studies on roasting techniques show that adding fat does nothing to enhance taste. On the contrary, the taste comes from the meat itself, so we developed a method that roasts meat perfectly without it.


As well as maximizing the flavor of the meat, roasting without added fat is healthier.

  • Each roasting contains about 140 fewer calories.
  • That means if you roast five times a week, you’ll eat up to 700 fewer calories per week, or 34,000 fewer calories per year!


This is equivalent to the number of calories…

…you burn when running for 49 hours or 540 km

…in 6.5 kg of chocolate